How would you express thanks in different situations?


Good manners are something that has been engrained in us from childhood itself. These 'good manners' are mainly based on a common code of conduct, courtesy and usage; and hence, comes with its very own set of rules. As an infant, whenever someone gave us something, we were expected to express our gratitude by extending a warm 'Thank you'. This is the case even today. Irrespective of where we are or what we do, saying a 'Thank you' as and when required works well.

Therefore, this article will open your eyes to the numerous ways that you could express your gratitude in different situations.

1. Someone returned your lost wallet

Situation- You got down from a bus and forgot your wallet on the seat itself. You're walking down the street and all of a sudden, a stranger sprinting behind you, taps you over the shoulder to stop you. Why? Well, to return your wallet. How would you thank the man in fluent English?

Stranger- Excuse me Sir.

You- Yes?

Stranger- I was on the bus with you and noticed that you happened to leave behind your wallet while getting off. I couldn't help but get off to return it back to you.

You- Oh my God! Thank you so much... I can't express how grateful I really am to you.

Stranger- No, no... That's fine. Just be a little more attentive at all times.

You- I surely will... Though you have been a lifesaver, I can't thank you enough. How can I repay you?

Stranger- Come on... It's okay. It's your wallet and I just returned it. Take good care and hope to bump into you sooner or later! See you.

2. Someone just gave you a gift for your birthday.

Situation- You've joined a new workplace and you haven't made many friends. Your birthday comes up and from out of the blue, a colleague of yours present you with a Channel bag as a birthday gift. How should you ideally react and thank him in simple English?

Tim- Hey Megan! Many many happy returns of the day!

Megan- Thank you.

Tim- I've got something for you, could I present it to you, if you don't mind?

Megan- Haha... Sure!

Tim- Here you go. Happy Birthday again...

Megan- Wow, that's so nice of you! What  great surprise... I really didn't expect that coming.

Tim- Yeah. I know we don't speak that often but as soon as I saw the bag, I got reminded of you. Hope you like it!

Megan- I love it! Thanks a million Tim... Much appreciated.

3.  Someone helped carry your grocery bags.

Situation- You're at a grocery store shopping ration for the month. You reach the billing counter with a trolley full of heavy goods and realize that it is just too much for you to carry. You've come alone and have no one to help. That's when the guy in the queue behind you offers to help. Learn the art of thanking him in basic English.

You- So many bags. I didn't realize I was shopping for the whole building! Ha-ha.

Ray- Looks like you could do with some help. May I?

You- Oh please. I would love to have a helping hand, as the number of bags I'm dealing here are enormous.

Ray- Certainly Ma'am. Just direct me to your car and open the trunk.

You- Okay.

Ray- Here you go Ma'am, all your bags have been kept securely in your car.

You- Thanks a lot for your help, this is really kind of you. I appreciate your help from the bottom of my heart.

Expressing your gratitude and thankfulness to the people that help you out isn't such a big deal, right? So, why not wear an appreciative hat and spread smiles across so many faces. You could also show your gratefulness by writing a little note of appreciation, sending in chocolates, sharing time, through a phone call or email, a simple gift, etc. Whichever mode you choose, make sure to keep your English communication skills at its ace best to spread the joy of giving and the worth of courtesy!

Happy 'Thanking' people!

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- By Monika Agarwal

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