Idioms based on 'Ball'


In this blog, we are going to see the idioms which are based on ‘ball’. While using these idioms you will feel that meaning of the idioms are always changing and rolling like a ball. Let’s see what these idioms say:


1. The ball is in your court

This indicates that you are supposed to handle the respective thing and take the responsibility and decision.
E.g. I have completed this task, now the ball is in your court.

2. Let’s play ball

It means let us compete with each other. When two or more people  challenge each other, use of such communication becomes very effective.
E.g. My general knowledge is better than yours. if you are challenging me, let’s play ball.

3. To carry the ball

It means one has to understand the responsibility and to fulfill most of the work.
E.g. You are the King’s prince and you have to carry the ball.

4. To have a ball

This idiom takes a different turn of communication. It means to have a lot of fun and enjoy yourself very much.
E.g. You can have a ball during the summer vacation.

5. A ball of fire

This idiom is used to describe an individual and his/her characteristics and qualities. It is used to indicate one’s energy and enthusiasm.
E.g. Bright students are the ball of fire for a school.

6. To drop the ball

It is nothing but making a mistake in some task or fulfillment of responsibility.
E.g. You studied well, but you dropped the ball by not attempting the entire paper.

7. Eye on the ball

It means to focus on certain thing as a target.
E.g. In order to succeed in our mission, we need to have eyes on the ball.

8. You are on the ball

This indicates that the person for whom it has been said is aware of what is happening and are able to handle things quickly and intelligently.
E.g. Don’t take a negative decision, you are on the ball.

9. To set the ball rolling

To do something inspirational that can motivate other people and encourage them for attempting to do so.
E.g.  Mr. Patil has set the ball rolling for the Tree Plantation Program in their colony.

Hope the above explanations were up to your level of satisfaction and you gained more knowledge and communications tips to use those idioms in your day to day communication to become more familiar with the vocabulary. You can even browse through our other related articles encapsulated in various categories of communication skills and usage.

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- By Shailja Varma

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