How to arrange a promotional campaign on road?


Dear English students, have you ever paid attention, in your day-to-day life, as to how many times you come across the English language whether it is spoken English, reading English text, listening to someone else speaking in English, or the language in any form? I am sure your answer is -many times during the day.  The English language is used so commonly in our day to day life  that it is fast becoming the most commonly used language in India!

When you go to the malls, or are out at the beach, you must have seen many promotional campaigns for various products and brands. Many times, these campaigns are interactive, involving games, quizzes and other activities that involve participation from the public. The people, or hosts, conducting these campaigns are a picture of confidence! From the manner in which they carry themselves to their spoken English – everything shouts confidence.

promotional campaign

Time and again, we have stressed on the fact that learning English is not only about being able to speak English fluently, but it is about gaining confidence, improving your body language and being able to speak easily in any given situation.

Now, talking about promotional campaigns, what if you were made in charge of arranging a promotional campaign for a product, say a health drink. Do you have the confidence to take up the task and complete it?

Tips for arranging a promotional campaign

A lot goes into the arranging phase, before you can actually put out the campaign on the road. Here is a short list:

Draw a blueprint: You cannot simply go out on the road and start advertising for your product. You need to plan what your campaign will be like, what elements to include, how many people will be hosting it, what kind of games, if any, will you have, etc. Sound planning and proper execution is the key to a successful promotional campaign.


The setup: Where will you have the promotional campaign? Are you familiar with the place? Before trying to set up the whole campaign at your desired place, it is important to visit the place and study it, so that you can utilize the space optimally to give maximum benefit and exposure to your campaign. Based on the nature of the place, take a call on what kind of set up will be best suited.

Gather supplies: Will you be handing out freebies? Will you be giving away prizes? What about microphones, speakers, sound system, making a stage, etc. All of this is crucial to making your promotional campaign a success. Make an elaborate list of the things you will require and gather them beforehand. This is the reason why I said that proper planning is very crucial.


And now comes the most important part, who will host the campaign? Since, you are an active spoken English student, I will place my bets on you!

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- By Chander Madan

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