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Vocabulary related to money



Money is any item or variable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services. The main function is that, it is a medium of exchange, a unit of work and a store of value. Knowing terms related to money will help you to start your career in finance or banks.

There are many words that can describe money. You must be very fluent in English to know the vocabulary. There are lot of terms related to money in fact it's a rich fund of terms in English.

Vocabulary related to money:

Readies: Readies means ready cash which we can be spent immediately.

Example: Hey Ram do you have some readies? I required it urgently.

Spare/loose change: It means coins of low value.
Example: When you go to a shop and you buy a burger, the shopkeeper will ask you whether you have spare/loose change.

Hard cash: Hard cash means money in the form of notes or coin and not in form of cheque or credit.
Example: Do you have Rs.1, 000 hard cash with you now?

Counterfeit: Counterfeit means fake cash.
Example: That guy got that bracelet by giving him counterfeit money.

Petty cash: Petty cash is a cash for daily expenses. We often take money from our parents for daily expenditure and that money is called as petty cash.
Example: Mom I require Rs.40 as petty cash today.

E Cash: It means electronic cash. The cash which is used for online transaction.
Example: I bought mobile from clickkart.com and paid Rs.1000 as e-cash.

ATM: It means Automatic teller machine. It is a machine where we can withdraw cash anytime we want.
Example: I have withdrawn Rs.5000 from the ATM which is near my office.

Singles: Singles means one-dollar bill.
Example: Do you have singles with you right now.

Fivers: Fivers means five-dollar bills.
Example:  That doll will cost you ten fivers.

Grand: Grand means thousand dollars. One grand equals to thousand dollars.
Example: He travelled from San Francisco to Washington with just one grand in his pocket.

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-By Shailja Varma

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