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How to Describe a Restaurant to Your Friend?


Describe RestaurantPeople all over the world connect over 'the love of food'. Moreover, if you are among those who have had a great fortune to have dined at a few great restaurants, why not share the experience with your pals? Yes! It does get a little difficult to zero down on which is your favorite. However, when you do, make it a point to describe the restaurant in the most authentic way possible. Minus the add-ons, the exaggerated bits and the unnatural raving.

Here is one great example that will give you a fair enough idea of how to handle as and when you're thrown into a situation as such:

"My fiancée and me, made reservations for a quick dinner at Aurus in Juhu. Frankly, it was one of the most romantic places I have ever dined at, in Mumbai. The atmosphere, so laid back, the high beaming ceilings and the eclectic décor worked wonders for the ambience. The inside area looked warm and inviting whereas the outside was surrounded by a beach, its waves and the moonlight reflecting its occasional twinkle on the calm splashes in the water. Mesmerizing!

We decided to sit outside; the candle lit tables, enclosed from two sides with thick, raw wooden pillars delicately wrapped in translucent net, caressing us every time a gush of wind blew in. We decided to opt for the Italian cuisine and so ordered for white pasta in sautéed mushroom sauce. The blend of the flavors was perfect, almost heavenly! Service just splendid as our attendant was available for us at every beck and call. The overall place, its explicitly grand ambience, the warm inviting food and the celebrity like special treatment will definitely make you want to go back in time and go through the wonderful experience all over again. I highly recommend this restaurant."


Look, it is as easy as that. It's all about what your perspective of the place; hence it's your responsibility to make the person you're describing the place to, to fall in love with the restaurant in question! Imagine having the skill and expertise in doing something that's exclusive.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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