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Essential skills for the workplace in the 2020s


The last two decades have been hugely transformational as digital technologies have disrupted every walk of life. This will only continue in the new decade, as machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) begin to play an integral part in our workplaces. As a result, workplaces will require very different skillsets than they needed until now. If you are a youngster looking for rapid career development in this new decade, then you must equip yourself with the skills that will be in high demand.

A recent article in the Financial Times lists some essential skills that modern employers will attach great value to. We are certain that the skills mentioned in the article will be in demand universally, including in India.



As the pace of change increases, so does the need for people who can adapt to change faster. There is no pointing in resisting change and trying to say that “this is how things used to be done”.  Adaptability involves both learning new ways of doing things as well as being able to quickly unlearn certain things. Employees who demonstrate a willingness and ability to adapt will survive and thrive; the others will have to pay a serious price.

The key takeaway is to build the mindset to be flexible and adaptable.


Being creative means finding new or better ways to do things. Some people think that creativity is a gift that only a few people possess. What is true is that only a few people actually exercise their creative faculties enough. Anybody can be creative provided he/she is willing to challenge oneself. Continuously training your mind to find new and better ways to do something stimulates creativity. The more you practice creativity, the more creative you become and the more valuable you become to your organisation.


Emotional Intelligence

The one thing machines don’t have (at least thus far) is emotional intelligence and a quality like empathy. Having high Emotional Intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ) means demonstrating greater concern for others, showing better understanding and responding to situations accordingly.

Therefore, work on developing your interpersonal skills and develop a genuine interest in knowing, understanding and benefiting others. Employers who show that they can work well with other people will always find a place for themselves.

Personal Brand

Many young workers ignore the need to build their own personal brand, which is how the world perceives you. How you communicate- be it in writing or verbally- goes a long way in building and establishing your personal brand. A person who can articulate his or her thoughts clearly in English, for example, will certainly have a greater chance for career development than someone with similar technical skills but poorer communication skills.

So, work on defining and reinforcing your personal brand. It can all start by mastering effective communication skills!

Work on developing these critical soft skills to ensure that your career is moving in the right trajectory!

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