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How to Describe your Home?


"Heart is where the home is."

- Joseph. C. Neal

Your home is a place that accepts you for the person you are. It is a place you know will hold you warm and cozy in days when you feel lost and teary eyed. A place that is sacred to you and holds a shelter for your near and dear ones.


The sentimental value that one's home holds for him/ her is beyond the description of words yet if you're in a situation that requires you to describe your home, you should be prepared and well in touch with the English language to enable you to speak English fluently and boldly.

Talk about the physical attributes of your home

Always start with where you reside, the area, the location, probably even the sector, if applicable. Go on to the details of how your home appears. While speaking about its appearance, be extremely inspired and involve the zeal you share for your home that will add a boost to your description. Introduce a good set of adjectives in your description; this will heighten your image as well as develop your spoken English skills.

How to Describe your Home

Example: "My home is located in Bandra on Carter Road. I live in a magnificent row house, which flaunts a small yet dainty garden at the entrance to my home. As you enter you will see an elegant formal living room attached to which is our stylish and chic family dining room. Adjacent to our munching area is a healthy kitchen that is a fashionable open one. We have three graceful and fancy bedrooms with the master bath on one side and the other two bedrooms on the opposite side of the house. There are translucent curtains running throughout the house and the entire house is painted in a light cream tint bringing in the required brightness and airiness."

Introduce the people you reside with 

By now, the person has a fair idea of what your home looks like. Now, you need to introduce the people that live with you in your home to intensify the description. All you need to do is give a brief opening about your family members that live with you as they form a major part of your home.

Example: "I share my house with three more members besides me. My loving mother, my motivating father, and my mischievous sibling. They are the sole reason of my being and what I have made out of my life today. They complete my home and me."


Adjectives play an extremely important role in any form of description. So, make it a point to make use of as many adjectives as possible without being too pushy. A regular use of adjectives will help you improve your English speaking fluency and give you a confidence once you get aware about which adjective to use where. In addition, constantly conversing in English will give you a strong base of the language and will improve your English communication skills as well.

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- By Shailja Varma

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