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How to Seek Appointment with your Doctor’s Receptionist?


Falling sick doesn't feel good and neither is visiting a doctor for your health issues. But what has to be done - has to be done! Earlier visiting a doctor just meant, going to the doctor's clinic directly; but today, visiting a doctor means, taking an appointment before visiting him/ her.

Doctor appointment

Taking this 'mandatory' appointment seems like a task. Many are concerned about their English speaking skills as well as the questions that might be asked over a phone conversation. Imagine calling to take an appointment but not being able to complete the conversation effectively due to the lack of English speaking skills.

To save yourself this horror, here's how to tackle an appointment conversation with your doctor:


Conversation starter


You: Good Morning! Is this Dr. Irani's clinic?

Receptionist: Good Morning Ma'am, yes this is the right place. How may I help you?

You: I wanted to take an appointment with Dr. Irani for some time during the day.

Receptionist: Sure Ma'am, let me just check his appointment sheet for the day. Could you please hold on for two minutes?

You: Sure, go ahead.

A few minutes later...


Receptionist: Thank you for staying on hold, Ma'am. Dr. Irani will be available between the time slot of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. What time should I schedule your appointment for?

You: Could you fix my appointment for 5 p.m. please?

Receptionist: Sure Ma'am. See you at 5 p.m.

Was it simple? It was, wasn't it! That's how you stick to the basics of the language.

English is simple:

English is a simple language and once you get accustomed to its simplicity, you could become a pro. Make sincere attempts to get a grip of the lingo and watch your future suddenly appear in a brighter light.

Yes indeed, learning a new language does get a little difficult but stick to it and apply all the learning techniques to improve English communication skills. Read a lot of books, watch English sitcoms, start watching English movies and use sub-titles to understand the sentences being spoken.

English Speaking Courses:

Fortunately  for you... there are an increasing number of English speaking courses online to come to your aid. This is one of the best ways to learn English in the most effective surrounding which is none other than in your very home. These online spoken English courses are the best when living a busy lifestyle, which is the case everywhere today.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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