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7 English Shopping Vocabulary Words


Do you love shopping? If yes, you may also love to discuss your shopping with others. It is an ideal ice breaker for a conversation. Imagine a situation like this: You are traveling in a train in a new country and you want to know about best shopping places. What will you do? You will Google the shopping destinations and carry a map and continue the journey, won’t you? But here’s a simple tip that might help you. Since you are traveling in the train, check who’s sitting beside you and try to use your English communication skills and start a conversation. You can start this way,

“Excuse me, I love your pretty dress.” The person will respond you by saying “Thank you”.

Now you can continue the conversation by asking, “Where did you get it from?”

And here you go, as people generally love sharing tips about sales, discounts and the best places to buy things. Make sure you know some vocabulary words that a native speaker uses. Today, we will learn some English shopping vocabulary words.

Must know shopping vocabulary

1. Yard/ garage sale

It’s usually during spring or summer season, when you will find signs that say “Yard Sale” or “Garage Sale.” This is when people sell their old furniture, clothes and other items in front of their houses mainly in their yards or garages. These kind of sales are great as you will find cheap used goods. You can even bargain in these types of sales.

2. To bargain

As mentioned above, in many countries, you can bargain in stores and markets. You can ask a seller if it’s fine to pay less for an item you want.This is not usually fine in America but you can buy at yard sales.

For example, if you see a jacket for $10 at a yard sale, you can ask for a lower price and bargain with the person selling stuff.

3. A rip off

A rip off is used when you think a price for something is so expensive that it’s unfair to pay that much. We also call something a rip off, when we feel like someone is cheating us and we are angry about it.

For example: Designer sherwani are a rip off. Who wants to pay Rs. 60,000 for a simple sherwani?

4. Outlet mall

An outlet mall is almost same as a mall, because both have many stores in one location.

One of the important difference is, you will get everything at a reduced price in an outlet mall. It’s a great place to look for sales.

5. A steal

A steal means you didn’t pay much for the dress. The meaning of “a steal” is similar to “a bargain.” So, when you hear that your new dress was “a steal,” that means you did not pay much for it.

Learning these shopping vocabulary will help you improve your English conversation skills with native speakers. Keep practicing and use them at appropriate time.

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- By Chander Madan

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