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How to motivate students to perform better?


Motivating students is one of the greatest challenges faced by an instructor/ professor/ teacher. However, there are times when even the best students go through phases that keep them disinterested and less motivated for classroom learning. With a slight nudge of motivation, you could turn those dreaded days into successful tutorials for students to be self-motivated and prepared to learn more, do more.

This article will enlighten you as to how you could motivate your students to speak better in simple English.

Five tips to motivate your students to perform better:

1. Allow your students to voice their opinion- If you're teaching on a subject that could permit you to rope in your students' opinion as well, give them the opportunity to do so. You could also introduce more interactivity by starting a light debate in the class, encouraging and motivating each student to talk more and contribute more.

Example of a debate topic- How to deal with the growing peer pressure in school?/ How to say NO to addictive habits like smoking, drinking, etc.

2. Praise and reward them for good behavior- Recognizing an individual's effort and good behavior sends a positive note to the person. And hence, you need to focus on rewarding your class as and when you think they deserve it. You could hold weekly awards in the class, organize an academic honor session, and have your students participate in the 'student of the week' contest.

Example- "Today, the class has been extremely well-behaved and on account of that I am going to distribute Choco chip cookies in the class on Monday. Well done students!"

3. Show your excitement- While starting a new chapter, it is important for you to show your enthusiasm in the topic/ subject. This will create a curiosity in students and assist them listen and learn better. You could also use simple yet fun examples to help students grasp the concept and ask them to brainstorm and come up with examples of their own. This way you'll keep them in the loop of understanding better.

Example- "In prepositions, a simple example would be- Mickey Mouse sat on the table. Here 'on' is the preposition used. Now students, you need to take your favorite cartoon character and give me an example using a preposition."

4. Challenge them- Throw challenges across to your students asking them to come up with small reports or conclusions. Ask them to do their own research without teaching them about the topic. This will have your students take the task seriously as well as encourage them to have a little knowledge about what you're about to teach in the next class.

Example- "On Monday we will learn about Jawaharlal Nehru. However, you students need to study a little about him and tell me on Monday. Make sure it's something I don't know and surprise me!"

5. Teach with passion- Teaching your students with passion, will never leave you exhausted of handling a class. Make sure to exude passion not only for teaching but also for those students who look up to you as their mentor. Smile as you teach, teach as you smile! A smiling teacher can never have an unmotivated class.

Example- "Since we have two back-to-back classes of mathematics today; we will take one class off and have a storytelling competition. Remember, the best presenter will get one chocolate from me today!"

You need to believe in your students and share a great rapport with them.  Ensure to keep your English communication skills at its ace best as no student would like a teacher who does not know how to speak in fluent English. Nevertheless, if you're unsure about your spoken English skills, you could enroll in an English speaking course online to help improve and develop your hold over the English language.

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