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English vocabulary for sports


India is a country which loves spending a lot of time in watching sports. Even though we may not play that much but we certainly love watching  sports and one such sport is cricket. Cricket  brings the nation together and lets you enjoy the game wherever you are. Be it a T-20 series, World Cup match or an IPL match, we are always ready for it. But these days other games like kabbadi, football, hockey etc., are gaining equal prominence. You may watch these games to stay in trend, but are you aware of the general vocab used during commentary.

Don’t you worry. Today, we bring you a list of English vocabulary for sports which will help you learn more about the games.


1. Arena

Meaning - a central area used for sports or other forms of entertainment and surrounded by seats for spectators.
Example – The arena was packed with the spectators.

2. Athlete

Meaning - A person who trains for and competes in a sport.
Example –Athletes have the best body as they spend time in maintaining their physique.

3. Beat

Meaning- to defeat someone in a game or a competition
Example – India beat Pakistan by 20 runs in the semi final match.

4. Cheer on

Meaning - to shout words of encouragement to a team or a player.
Example – My friends made a lot of noise cheering on their favorite team.

5. Final score

– the score at the end of a game

Example – Hey what’s the final score?

6. Opponent

Meaning - the person one competes against in a contest or a game; rival
Example – Our team was attacked by the opponents.


Meaning - a person who watches an event
Example – The spectator was cheering the team very well.

8. Victory

Meaning - the act of winning a game
Example - The team has worked very hard, and they deserve this victory.


Meaning - a sports official with authority to make rulings during a contest
Example - The referee sent off two French players.


Meaning - A person who helps athletes develop their skills and fitness.
Example - Some players like Jassi and Rudra are a bit lazy and hence they need a strict trainer to make them work hard.

Above sports vocabulary in English will help you to understand the terms used during the game. You can join an online Spoken English course and learn more on sports vocab and idioms.

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- By Shailja Varma

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