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How to ask for a lift in case of car breakdown?


You are travelling from your workplace to your home in Milwaukee, when suddenly the car stalls and stops. You recognize it as an engine problem, but there is no garage for miles ahead. You need to ask for a lift, but are unsure how to go about it, as you are not very well aware of the culture in the foreign locale. Use your English speaking skills to convince other drivers to help you out of the situation. Car breakdowns are common and many drivers are helpful provided you don't scare them off with your poor communication skills.


Things to remember when asking for lift in case of a car breakdown:

1. Proper Posture

While asking for a lift, it is advisable to make use of proper posture and gestures. Globally, the thumb up hand wave is the most recognized sign for asking lifts. Incorrect postures will not get the driver's attention and they will not respond.

2. Give proper directions

Make sure to give clear directions to your destination when you take a lift. Guide them if required. You don't want to waste yours as well as their time driving around in circles. Ask if the person is heading toward the same route as you, this way you would not be creating much of an inconvenience. Use your English speaking skills to convey destination directions to the driver.

3. Towing service

In case your car has broken down in the middle of the highway or the road with no proper parking space, it is better to call a towing service. You don't want your precious car to be lying around on the road unattended, right? In case you are not aware of one, ask the driver of the car who has stopped to give you the lift. Make sure you get hold of a reliable tow firm who would take good care of your car and not damage it. Otherwise you may have trouble with your car insurance provider.

Towing service

Sample conversation:

Situation: Your Prius has broken down along highway 81 on the Milwaukee interstate. You flag down a car to ask for a lift.

You: Hi, my car has broken down. Can you give me a lift?

Driver: What happened to your car?

You: I think the engine stopped due to some internal failure, I am not sure. There are no garages around for miles.

Driver: Yeah, that's true. Sure, I will help you out. Where do you want to go?

You: My home is near miller brewery in Milwaukee. Is it on your way?

Driver: Yeah it is. Hop in.

You: That's great. But before that, I need to make sure that my car is safe. Do you know any towing service here, which can take good care of my car, as I am new to this place?

Driver: Yes I do. Here is their number. Call them and provide them the location details.

You: Thanks. Please wait while I make the call. You have been kind.

Driver: My pleasure.

car breakdown

The above sample shows how you can ask for a lift in a foreign locale in an event of a car breakdown. The dialogue will help you get a lift anywhere and anytime, without any suspicion. Next time, you need a lift, deliver the above conversation in fluent English to get proper assistance. Improve your conversational English with the help of an online English teacher.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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