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Five Shopping Idioms for Black Friday


If you happen to visit the USA during or around the Thanksgiving Day, then you are going to find the information shared here as very useful. It’s that time of the year when streets are full of people who have come for  shopping and shops offer plenty of discount offers. Black Friday marks the official start of the Christmas shopping season. This day, the retailers start seeing a profit so they offer a special discount to the customers and hence, it is the busiest shopping day of the year.

During this time of year, you are more likely to hear words such as, window shopping, shopping spree etc.  Usually, native speakers use these idioms to describe their shopping. But, before you use them, it is important to know the meaning so that you can use it smoothly in your conversation.


5 Shopping idioms that you must learn

1. Shop till you drop

Shop till you drop means go on and on or shop till you get exhausted. If you go to a lot of shops and spend a lot of time and energy shopping, you might collapse from exhaustion.

Example:  Varsha shops till she drops.

2. Window shopping

To look at items without buying them

Shops generally have windows where they display their merchandise set up. Many times, you just have a look through windows with an intention to buy them at some point in the future.  This idiom can however be used when you are looking at items anywhere in the store with no intention of buying them and it necessarily doesn’t have to be through a window.

Example: Anusha will do only window shopping as she has spent all her money.

3. To get ripped off

To get ripped off means that you have either paid too much money for something that is less valued. It can be even this way that you have paid more for a product which could have been bought for a cheaper value.

Example: After buying that top at 1000 bucks, she thought that she had been ripped off.

4. Shopping spree

Spree means a craze of doing a particular thing. When you go for shopping, you might indulge and buy a whole lot of unnecessary things.

Example: Archana went on a big shopping spree.

5. To be in black

This one is the favorite idiom of retailers, as it refers to American shopping spree, Black Friday, which marks the beginning of the shopping season. Many stores offer big sales and huge discounts.

Example: Aren’t you buying anything? It’s time to be in Black.

These shopping idioms will help you improve your English conversation skills with native speakers. Keep practicing and use them at appropriate time.

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- By Chander Madan

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