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5 Benefits of Reading English Books


When you read a book, you use your brain very actively because reading is a very active process. When a writer does a lot of work, even the reader also works hard. When you read something from an English book, you either imagine a scene in your head, or understand clearly what the writer is trying to say and choose to agree or disagree with the writer. Reading is relaxing as it takes your mind off the present work pressure. Reading allows you to increase your intelligence, become more creative, access inexpensive entertainment, and find a way to reduce stress. You can get endless benefits from reading a book. Let’s find some more reasons to read books.

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5 Benefits of reading

Once you make reading a habit, you will enjoy reading books in your chosen career as well.

1. Help you develop a habit of thinking in English

Thinking in English is vital in order to develop a natural English fluency. Reading English books might just restrict your thinking in native language and facilitate thinking in English. When you develop an ability to read in English quite fast, your mind simply doesn’t have time for the translation process.

When you become a fluent reader, your eyes scan the text allowing you to think in English. It’s quite impossible for your brain to manage two processes at the same time, i.e., reading in English and thinking in your native language.

2. Helps you learn new vocabulary

Reading a book will help you find new words. Just by reading and understanding its meaning from the context, you can build quite a large passive English vocabulary. You can use those new words while speaking with other English speakers. To achieve that, you have to practice speaking English with yourself or others, so that you can develop natural ability to speak effortlessly and fluently.


3. Builds your skill

Every good course on the planet has a matching book to go with it. Books help clarify difficult subjects. They provide information that goes deeper than just classroom session. Therefore, reading English books develops your important skill.

4. Improves memory

Several studies show if you don’t use your memory, you lose it. Crossword puzzles are an example of a word game to defend against Alzheimer’s. Reading an English book helps you stretch your memory muscles and makes you remember details, facts and figures, plot lines, themes and characters.

5. Improves writing skills

When you read a book, you come across various things like writing style, the pace of the writer, and the use of words. This improves your knowledge of the English language and impacts your way of writing.


Reading English books can help you develop your Spoken English skills.

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-By Chander Madan

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