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How to edit your own writing?


Your final exams are over, and you are looking forward to a summer vacation. To pass your time productively, you start to search for freelance writing projects. Luckily, you land a project and start to write articles. Writing is a creative job and most people who have a liking of words love to write. The difficult part comes when you have to edit your own work. Most of us are clueless when it comes to editing. Therefore, we decided to share with you some tips that has to be followed while editing your own writing.

7 Tips to self-edit your work

We always have the habit of double checking our work, the same way editing means re-checking your article to avoid or correct your errors.

1. Take a break

First and important thing before starting with your editing work is to take a break. Don’t return to self-editing until you feel refreshed and ready. Rather you can engage in other writing work and then, come with a clear and fresh perspective which will help you in editing.


2. Get a print out

Printing out your article allows you to catch more errors than reading it on the screen. If you don’t want to print, then you can change the font or increase the font size, as these simple format changes makes it easier to catch errors.

3. Change locations

Take a print of your piece and look at the copy in another place where you can relax, like a garden or an open terrace. A change in location makes a big difference.

Reading Out
4. Recite it loud

Reading out loudly makes you listen to your actual work. This is the best way to catch with the sentences or phrases that don’t make sense. If you have to read a sentence more than once before you understand it, change it. Reading also helps to understand the rhythm of your writing and find out the missed or omitted words.

5. Grammar check

Grammar is the backbone of English language, therefore, it is important to check out parts of speech, clauses, adverbs and adjectives in your copy. A thorough grammar knowledge improves your writing skills.



6. Spelling check

Lastly, run a spell check as it takes only a couple of seconds. Don’t unnecessarily use punctuation and italics as they weaken the growing impact of your article.

7. Ask for help

You can ask your friend or mentor to check your final copy and review it. They will analyze your style of writing, grammar, continuity, etc. This will help you learn and improve your writing skills.

Your writing will make or break your communication skills. Make sure your polish your English language knowledge to write your best.

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- By Chander Madan

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