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3 Essential Things to Remember while Tweeting


Social media is improving our communication and social skills. It is making the language sound more trendy and simple. With social media taking over our life, we almost depend on it for everything, right from news to online shopping. After Facebook, Twitter is the most used social media site. Twitter is an online news and social networking site. Almost all brands, organizations, celebrities, politicians are active on Twitter. We get all updates, latest happenings across the globe on twitter. In this fast-paced life, it is important to keep ourselves updated and be very precise while using twitter. In today’s blog, we are going to list down essential things that need to be used.


Easy tips to remember

1. Use proper and correct language

English is a language which is used across the globe for communicating. It is vital for you to use proper and clear English. Updating tweets with wrong spellings or improper grammar will not give the desired result.

2. Experiment with hashtags

Hashtags are words that are combined with # symbol before used. Adding a # before a relevant keyword or phrase to your tweet categorizes the tweets and help them show more easily in twitter search.

E.g. #eagespokenenglish, #quotes

If you #quotes as a hashtag, then people who search #quotes in Twitter search will be able to see all the tweets which have used #quotes as a hashtag in their tweet.

3. Include @ to mention

In Twitter, it is very certain how and whom do you mention in your tweet. Mentioning your friends in your tweet and mentioning brands or other famous celebrities in your tweets may have different effects. With friends, we can be casual and jovial, whereas with brands and other famous people you can’t be casual. You need to be very particular  about  what, when and whom to mention.

E.g. You might be participating in the contest which might be associated with the brands then you must mention @eagespokenenglish, use hashtags that are used in the contest and then complete your answer.

If you are participating in live tweeting with a famous personality, then it is very important to be sure with their @name as there might be many people with the same name. It’s easy to identify famous people just by looking at their names. If you see a blue tick beside their name, then they are the original one.

Once you get addicted to the platform, there’s no looking back. There are many helpful pages on Twitter that let you improve your English skills. One such page is https://twitter.com/eagespoken. You can like this page to get tips on improving your spoken English every day.

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- By Chander Madan

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