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7 English Idioms with the word SHOW


Idioms play a very important role in effective presentation. They are expressions that enhance the beauty of English language. Many such idioms start with the word 'show'. We commonly use this word in English language and it  basically means to allow to be seen or to exhibit or display. The word show is a verb which when combined with other words takes  a new meaning all together. Let’s have a look at common expressions when the word show is combined with other words.

7 English idioms with the word ‘show’

Idioms And Phrases

1. A show of hands

At a conference or a meeting, you must have heard a speaker asking the audience to raise their hands if they approve of the suggestion.

Ex: Can I see a show of hands for people who are ready to volunteer for the upcoming ‘Clean India’ campaign?

2. Show off

There are so many things that we do in general to attract attention. When you flaunt your phone and praise its feature you are doing nothing but show off.

Ex: His arrival in an Audi for the premier night was nothing but a show off.

3. A no-show

When you promise somebody to be present at an event but fail to fulfill your promise.

Ex: The boss agreed for a 3.30 pm presentation but pulled a no-show at the last moment.

4. Show business

It is nothing but an industry or a profession which deals with art, such as movies, plays, theater, etc.

Ex: There is no business like show business.

5. Show your true colors

Now, this is one expression used widely by native speakers. You must have heard this one in an English movie as well. It means to reveal your true nature.

Ex: Under stress, the marketing department started to show their true colors

6. Steal the show

If you ever get a compliment with this expression, consider yourself lucky. It means getting attention and praise, especially for a performance or a task well done.

Ex: The awards night was amazing with many great performances, but Tina Walia’s performance completely stole the show.

Steal The Show

7. Show the door

Asking a person to leave; usually this expression is used when firing a person from a job.

Ex: Due to non-performance of Raj in getting the sales, he was shown the door today afternoon.


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- By Shailja Varma

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