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5 Tips to Self-Study English Effectively


Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great. This quote is an inspiration to everybody who wants to learn anything new. We have a tendency to start a project with great curiosity and enthusiasm and midway lose our inspiration to continue. Be it weight loss or learning a new skill, for instance, speaking English. Today, we will delve on the topic on how to stay motivated and self-study English to improve your communication skills.

Effective tips for success

To start with, have the will to learn English. If you really want to learn and have a desire, these tips can help you achieve success.

Set your time-table

Before starting your self-study, set a time table that includes various aspects of learning English. Include a little grammar exercise, a little reading exercise, a little listening session and a little speaking exercise. Don’t focus on one aspect or you will bore yourself. Dedicate twenty minutes to solving grammar puzzles, twenty minutes to listening news/interviews, another few minutes for reading a newspaper/book and so on.

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Use a combination of methods

Learning is not fun unless you enjoy it. Therefore, find out what motivates you and incorporate in your learning to get better results. Most of us like watching movies and TV shows. Why not watch English shows and improve our vocabulary. One you can read the subtitles and understand how native speakers are using it in the context and two you can learn the tone of their communication. Similarly, you can describe a picture and improve on how you express in English.

Solve online English quizzes

Self studying also needs assessment and one of the best ways to do it is to solve English quizzes online. You can take a grammar quiz one day and comprehension the other day and sentence construction the other day. You will never fall short of online quizzes.

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Study every day

It’s a Sunday, let’s cut a slack and not study. This kind of excuses may hamper your self-study schedule. If you are in no mood of a serious session, learn the fun way. Chat with your friends in English and practice what you have learnt in a casual and stress free way.


This is one of the most important tips when you do self-study. The more you practice speaking English, the more you will learn the language. Speak English whenever you get a chance, and speak with confidence. Don’t fret over speaking wrong English as only practice can make you perfect.


Self-studying can help you a lot in speaking fluent English. You can also join an online spoken English class and help your self-studying take a more focused approach.  An online class would give you practice exercises and help you meet like-minded individuals with whom you can practice speaking professionally.

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- By Shailja Varma

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