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How to Complain to the School’s Principal About your Child’s Class?


Watching your child develop a dislike from attending school due to a class that mocks him/ her could be saddening. You wouldn't want your child to face issues in the classroom yet attend school on your insistence, tearfully. Teasing and baiting is a common fact at pre- primary and primary level yet when you hear your child complaining about it so much so that he/ she refrains from attending school ; it's time for you to take charge and get to the root of the problem.

Speaking to an authority in fluent English:

As and when, a situation like this arises, choke not. Speaking to an authoritative person like a school principal, does get intimidating , yet having to do so in well- spoken English with a tint of finesse and flair to it is essential. Remember he/ she is the principal and hence, a dash of respect underlying in the sentences and words you choose is crucial.

Learn English vocabulary:

Having a strong vocabulary and continuously learning new words in English is a requirement, for normally, when speaking to an authoritative person, he/ she might be well- versed with his/ her vocabulary. Sometimes, this leaves you dumbstruck and not knowing the word would mean, not knowing the meaning it holds and hence not knowing how to reply to the statement passed by the person in front.

Let's take an example to get cues on how to handle a conversation with an authority (Child's principal) and some tips on how to learn spoken English fluently.


Your pre- primary going kid refuses to attend school due to this dominating group of children in her class collectively teasing, pushing and pulling away her lunch box from her everyday. She always comes home crying and the degree of mocking is getting beyond limits. Also, you've approached the class teacher yet all in vain. It's time to speak to the principal.


Conversational Example:

Brenda (Mother): Excuse me Ma'am, Can I come in?

Mrs. Fernandes (Principal): Come in.

Brenda: Good Morning Ma'am. We've never met before so let me introduce myself. I am Berny's mother.

Mrs. Fernandes: Pardon me. I have too many children in my school. I wouldn't be able to associate the name with the right child.

Brenda: I understand that Ma'am. My daughter Berny studies in the pre- primary section in Jr. K.G, division A.

Mrs. Fernandes: Oh. Okay. And how may I help you?

Brenda: Well Ma'am, my daughter has been facing some minor issues that have now begun to blow out of proportion in her class.

Mrs. Fernandes: Go on...

Brenda: There is this mischievous group of seven students that misbehave with Berny everyday. In the initial stages, it was only light teasing but gradually it evolved into something more serious like pushing and tugging her, stealing her lunch and calling her names almost throughout the day.

Mrs. Fernandes: I cannot believe this is going on in my school! We are strictly against this behavior. Why didn't you bring this to the class teacher's attention all this while?

Brenda: I did Ma'am, I did ask her to keep an eye out on that particular group of kids yet nothing changed. I decided to give the teacher some time before I approached you but it's been a week now and my daughter is refusing to attend school. She has started to look frail too over these three weeks as she doesn't get to eat her lunch and is slipping into acute depression .

Mrs. Fernandes: I am sorry Brenda. I was unaware about anything like this taking place. I wouldn't have let this misbehavior take place for more than a day! I will look into this matter right away. I understand your concern as a parent... and so, would you like to come with me to her class and get things right?

Brenda: I would love to... Thank you so much Ma'am.

Mrs. Fernandes: It is my duty.


A simple, sophisticated conversation in fluent English. You too can learn to speak English fluently online, this will improve your English communication and give you an array of tips to improve your spoken English.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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