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Phrases to be used to say someone is right


A conversation is incomplete without a set of questions. It doesn’t matter with whom you are talking, but it will surely have a question. For e.g. while commuting, if a co-passenger asks whether it’s a Chicago-bound train and you confirm it by replying yes to him. There are many instances when you will have to reply to someone that they are correct. In today’s blog, you will learn English phrases that can be used to agree with someone or to say that the information is correct.

you are right

10 expressions to say someone is right

1. Yes, that's correct

This is the neutral response for agreement.

E.g. Reeta--Aren’t you the one the top 3 contestants in Indian Idol?

Seema--Yes, that’s correct.

2. You have hit the nail on the head

This sentence means 'saying exactly right about something'.

E.g. Narayan doesn't say much, but every now and then he hits the nail right on the head.

3. Spot on

That's spot on is used to praise and agree. It is the British slang for well done, great job, good job, perfect or right on.

E.g. Mr.Gupta's analysis of the company is spot on

4. I am afraid so

This phrase is often used when there is a sad news. However, it means I believe unfortunately, the answer is yes.

E.g. Prem- Is he dead?

Rakesh- I'm afraid so.

5. You are quite right

You can use the sentence when the information shared by the concerned is not completely right.

Akash-Are you dating Esha?

Saurabh- You're quite right . I am dating but not Esha.

6. You could say so -70 % agreement

The phrase you could say so -70 % agreement can be used when everyone has the same point of view and your friend has a different point of view from all.

E.g. You go for a movie with your friends and after the movie one of your friend says “the movie was awesome” and you reply “you could say so” because everyone else didn’t like the movie.

7. Yes, that’s right

This is the general phrase which is used commonly while saying someone right.

E.g. Is Sonia your sister?

Yes, that’s right.

Hope, the above explanation has given a set of vocabulary and phrases which can be used to say someone is right. Use it frequently in your communication. Also, you can take help of our other related articles to polish your communication skills which will enhance your presence in this competitive world.

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- By Chander Madan

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