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Do you know these English Travel Idioms? – Part one


An idiom is an expression, word or a phrase that has a figurative meaning. They don’t mean exactly what the word say. They have hidden meaning. Like for example, “it’s raining cats and dogs”. The sentence doesn’t mean the way it is said or written. However, the sentence means it is raining heavily. In this blog, we will discuss travel idioms.

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Travel Idioms one must know

1. Asleep at the wheel: Not attentive


Yash scored less marks in the final exams because he was asleep at the wheel.

She was always asleep at the wheel during meetings which resulted in the termination of the job.

2. Cool your jets: To calm down


When Netra gets angry, it is very difficult to cool her jets.

Instead of panicking one must try to cool their jets.

3. In the driver’s seat: To control


The increasing demand for Jio SIM cards has put the company in the driver’s seat.

Indian Railways are in the driver’s seat after the budget session.

4. Middle of the road: Unadventurous


Rani is so boring. She is always in the middle of the road.
You live once,so don’t be in the middle of the road.

5. Fifth Wheel: a person who is in a situation where they are not needed


I didn't realize that the party was for couples only, so when I showed up alone, I felt like a fifth wheel.
Rekha considered herself as a fifth wheel because all friends were ignoring her.

6. Drive someone up the wall: To irritate or annoy someone

My best friend Aakarsh always drives me up to the wall.

Please don’t drive me up the wall, I will not talk to you.

7. Miss the boat: To fail to take advantage of an opportunity

I wasn’t aware of the sale that was next to my office area. Unfortunately, I missed the boat.

She is not that dumb to miss the boat.

8. Hitch one’s wagon to a star: aspire to do something great or to aim high


She is so confident about herself that she hitches one’s wagon to a star.

We should always be positive in life and should always hitch one’s wagon to a star.

9. Trip the light fantastic: To dance


Whenever she is in a good mood she trips the light fantastic.
If you want to try something adventurous in life you should trip the light fantastic.

We hope the above travel idioms will surely improve your English. Stay connected with us we will upload travel idioms – part two soon.

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- By Shailja Varma

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