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8 interesting bossy English words you must know


In the professional world, we use a formal English for communicating with our colleagues. But sometimes bosses and managers use expressions which you have never heard about. In today’s blog, we are bringing you bossy words which you need to understand in order to be comfortable and stable in the professional world.


8 Bossy words you must know:

1. Under my nose: to do some work under someone’s supervision.


The new boss is so strict that every employee performs the work under his nose.

Reena relaxed when she got to know that the file which she was worried about, was under my nose.

2. Deadline:  Last date for finishing something.


The deadline for the Macro project was on 27th April.

Boss has extended the deadline.

3. Target: Goals which should be achieved.


My boss always gives the targets before finishing the current ones.

Without a target, you cannot achieve anything and you will never be successful in life.

4. Head start: an initial advantage in a competitive situation.

A good education gives your child a head start in life.

I'll get a head start on the paperwork this weekend.

5. Follow up: to understand what had happened.


The boss might come here to meet us for the follow-up.

There is a meeting today regarding the follow up on the project akrithi.

6. Count on: to rely on someone to do our work.


The whole group was counting on me for the project.

You can always count on him for help.

7. Wind things up: to finish a work


My Manager was very tired and hence told us to wind things up.

We were so irritated by waiting at the office till 10 pm, that we planned to wind up the things.

8. Club together:  to team up


The new boss ordered us to club together as soon as possible for the meeting.

Clubbing together can surely help us achieve the goal easily and at a rapid pace.

We hope you enjoyed this article and you get to know about the bossy words in English. Learning these words will improve your vocabulary list and help you to speak fluent English.


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-By Chander Madan

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