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Phrasal verbs about socializing you must know


In our day to day life, we use many words to converse in English. Many of these words used are a combination of a verb and a preposition or a combination of verb and adverb. These words are called Phrasal verbs. These words give an entirely different meaning when combined. It is vital to know their proper meaning in order to use them in a sentence. Till now we have listed many blogs related to phrasal verbs and its usage to describe your day. We, as humans love to socialize and love to buzz around the latest topics. So, in today’s blog, we will discuss phrasal verbs related to socializing.

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9 phrasal verbs you must know

1. Drop off

Meaning - leave someone at a certain place.

Example – She dropped me off at the Supermarket.

2. To come over

Meaning – to invite someone to your house for a longer period of time.

Example – Hey Sheela, why don’t you come over to my place during summer holidays?

3. Ask over

Meaning - to invite someone to your house to stay with you for a shorter period of time.

Example – I am planning to ask Archana to come over my place tonight.

4. Pop in/stop in/ stop by

Meaning - to visit someone generally for a short period.

Example - Can I stop in for a little while at your place?

5. Pick up

Meaning - bring someone from a particular place.

Example – While coming to my place, can you pick my mom up from the shopping centre?

6. Meet up

Meaning - to meet at a specific time and place.

Example – Let’s meet up at The Bar Stock on Wednesday 8pm.

7. Take a rain check

Meaning – Take a rain check is generally used as a response to a social invitation when you are unable to go, but you hope the person asks you again in the future.

Example – We are going to watch IPL cricket match tomorrow evening. Do you want to join us?

“I will have to take a rain check – my cousins and I are going to see a concert. Maybe next time!”

8. Bring over

Meaning - to get things from one place to another may be to someone’s house or any other place.

Example – Can you bring over your collection of movie series today, so that we can watch some movies tonight.

9. To ask out

Meaning - asking someone for a date

Example – Hey dude, are you asking her out?

These are some phrasal verbs that can be used when you are socializing with your friends. Using them will make you a native English speaker. Be sure to be confident while using these terms. You can also take help of an online spoken English course.

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- By Chander Madan

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