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10 uses of 'Have'


In English language, grammar plays a significant role in understanding the usage of certain words and their meanings. At times, a single word may be interpreted in two different ways. For e.g. the word overlook – it means either you have a glance at something or you look at something very closely to scrutinize it. A single word can mean two things which actually creates confusion. While there are many such words, in this article we will learn the uses of the word ‘have’. In our earlier blog, we have already explained ‘3 main functions of have’. Today we will describe 10 uses of 'have' in English.


10 uses of have

When you understand the uses of 'have', you will be able to speak and write English like a native speaker.

1. Have as a possession

Possession means to own something.

E.g. I have a luxurious apartment in Dubai.

2. Have as to wish someone

Have can be used to wish someone so that their day goes well.

E.g. Good morning! Have a great day ahead.

3. Have as to describe birth

Have can be used to say someone is going to deliver a baby.

E.g. She is going to have a baby in March.

4. Have as to talk about sleep

Have can be used to talk about going to sleep.

E.g. Have a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

5. Have to say something is done

Have can be used to get some work done

E.g. I have had my favourite pizza today.

6. Have as to explain about accidents

Have can be used to speak about any kind of accidents that may have happened.

E.g. They had a serious accident last week and doctors have advised her bed rest for next three months.

7. Have as to explain illness

Have can be used to say illness or to explain some type of sickness.

E.g. I have an allergy.

8. Have as to explain about meal

Have can be used to explain lunch/dinner or any meal.

E.g. I am going have my dinner with my colleagues.

9. Have as to explain hygiene

Have can be used to talk about personal cleanliness.

E.g. Please have a shower; you are sweating a lot after playing so much of cricket.

10. Have as to talk about travel

Have can be used to talk about a journey by road, train, flight, etc.

E.g. We had a tiring journey.

These are the uses of have in different forms. In English, it is easy to learn everything but when it comes to its usage, many people get confused. In order to avoid confusion, you can join an online Spoken English course and improve your English.

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- By Chander Madan

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