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English Phrases to Make Your Travel Smooth


Do you plan to travel to an English-speaking country and are afraid that your poor speaking skills might hinder your travel plan? A lot of us know words in English but majority of us do not know the right timeand the right way to use them. A basic Hi, Hey, Hello, Thanks and so on, can take you to places. Today, let us look at the basic phrases that might come handy when you are travelling to a foreign locale. Don’t forget to wear your smile and be confident as you speak.


20 helpful phrases for a smooth travel

Heading abroad? Here’s your handy list of phrases that might prove to be valuable while traveling. These phrases are usually used by us in our every day communication. So remembering them might not be that difficult. However, ensure to make a translated copy of these phrases and carry it along for reference if you forget what needs to be said.

1. Excuse me!
2. My name is ___
3. Where can I find a taxi/bus/metro?
4. Can you speak a little slowly?
5. How much is the cost of this item?
6. Can you guide me how to go there?
7. I need help!
8. Do you accept credit cards?
9. I think I’m lost!
10. Where is the currency exchange center?
11. I don’t understand.
12. Where is the hospital?
13. How do you get to ___?
14. Where is the restroom?
15. Where can I get something to eat?
16. Help! I have lost my passport.
17. My blood type is ______.
18. Thank You.
19. Have a nice day.
20. You are welcome.


When planning to travel in an English speaking country, these phrases can come quite handy. They will help you get around a new place pretty smoothly. These are basic phrases and can bail you out in a standard situation. Make sure to brush up your English speaking skills so as to communicate effectively. There are lots of options to improve your English knowledge once you start to travel to different countries. So, don’t restrain yourself from going abroad due to your inhibition of not being able to speak fluent English. A few phrases and you will be on your way to enjoy the most amazing travel of your lifetime. If you are still unsure about your ability to speak English, you can join our online spoken English course and improve your spoken English communication.

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- By Shailja Varma

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