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Why a housewife should learn English?


Have you seen the movie ‘English Vinglish’? If yes, do you remember how Sridevi as a housewife lacks English knowledge and how her kids and husband frown upon her lack of knowledge? Her kids are ashamed of her and don’t want to tag her along at a school meeting. While the movie did justice to her character in the end and she did learn English, but does this happen in actual life. Do you actually do anything to improve your English knowledge? You might be a housewife and don’t aim to pursue any job, but that shouldn’t stop you from learning a language that opens the door to immense knowledge. The language used over the internet is English and if you are good enough to read and comprehend, there are lots of opportunities waiting for you.

English Vinglish

Reasons you should learn English

If you are reading this article, it means you have some basic knowledge of the language. In case, you know somebody who is completely ignorant of the language, here are the reasons that you can use to compel or empower a housewife to learn English. Here, we state three simple reasons as to how English learning  can make your life easier.

You can read labels while shopping

Most housewives go to supermarkets to buy groceries and other daily stuffs. Wouldn’t it be good if you could read the label and learn about its content before actually paying the price? You can make wiser choices while buying stuff and improve the health of your family. 

You can attend parent-teacher meeting

Do you always rely on your husband to attend parent-teacher meeting in your ward’s school? Is your husband always complaining on how it is difficult to fit in the meeting, usually scheduled during the afternoon hours? Why not improve your English speaking and go ahead with this responsibility. Your kids will feel proud of you and you would get a chance to meet other mothers and learn many new things.

You can start your online business

In the movie, Sridevi could make scrumptious ladoos. Do you have any such talent? Can you knit or paint or cook innovative stuff? Why not make instructional videos and start your own YouTube channel. You can be an entrepreneur, if you can speak the language of business.


English is the language used across the globe; hence, speaking English with confidence can improve your life to a great extent. You can join our online spoken English program where we empower women to improve their English communication and get ahead in life.

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- By Chander Madan

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