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How to recommend your friend on places to visit in the city?


Traveling is a passion that is fast emerging as a hobby among both young and old. In today’s busy life, everybody wants to enjoy a little vacation now and then. It could be in your city or to a foreign locale. Once you are back and into your routine, you may be asked to describe your travel experiences. The way you describe about a particular place may motivate your colleagues or friends to take a holiday in that city and explore the place. Today, let us discuss on how you can recommend your friend on places to visit in your city in fluent English.

Marine drive

Example conversation

Sarah: It’s been more than six months I have been staying in Mumbai and I have yet not explored the city. I plan to do this over the coming long weekend. Can you help me out with the places that I should not miss visiting?

You: That’s a cool idea. Despite staying here, I hardly travel to see the beautiful places anymore. Let me accompany you. We will start with the Gateway of India, in south of Mumbai. Just like your India Gate in Delhi, we have our own Gateway of India here. From there, we can walk to the Queen’s necklace, the Marine drive. Along the way, we can shop at Fashion Street. Let me tell you the bargains over there are too enticing. After the tiring shopping, you will enjoy the natural bay even more.

Sarah: That sounds as a great plan. But I’m hungry with all the shopping and walking.

You: Don’t worry madam, we can stop at the food street or the khau galli and enjoy the mouthwatering food. You will never forget this day I bet you. If you are into art, we can take a stopover at the Jehangir Art gallery. After then, we will head to a beach. After all, beaches are the key attraction of our city. We will go to the Juhu beach and enjoy the scrumptious pani puri and bhel puri. I bet you would never have tasted such tasty chaat ever.

See, how simple it is to recommend your friends on place to visit. If you are familiar with your city, you would not find any problem in describing it. Take an informal tone as you speak English and you will not struggle with fluency. For more, join our online spoken English class and get the confidence to speak English fluently.

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- By Chander Madan

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