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What are some phrases for conversation?


phrase-for-con_img_1What are Some Phrases for Conversation?

Phrases are expressions that we use in our daily conversation. These phrases are often used while talking or conversing with others. These phrases are very useful and help us talk better.


Some Common Phrases for Conversation

Common Phrases

Some common phrases for conversation are as follows:








How are you?

How are you doing?

How is everything?

How have you been?

Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening


What’s up?

How is life?

What’s up with you guys?

Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening

Introducing Self



Hello, I am Bindiya Deb.

(Say your full name in case of formal situations)

It’s nice to meet you.

It’s nice meeting you.

Nice to meet you!

Hello, I am Bindiya.

(Just tell first name in case of informal situations)

It’s nice to meet you.

It’s nice meeting you.

Nice to meet you!



Expressing Thanks


Thank you.

Thank you for the nice gift.

Thanks for your time.




Short questions and answers


Are you a teacher?

Yes, I am.

No, I am not.

Is she sick?

Yes, she is.

No, she isn’t.

Is it time to leave?

Yes, it is.

No, it isn’t.

Can I eat pizza?

Yes, you can.

No, you can’t.

Does she drink tea?

Yes, she does.

No, she doesn’t.




Some important expressions that you might use while you’re at a store.

At the store



Hello Madam. How May I help you?/How Can I help you?


Yes, I am looking for an evening gown.

Can you tell me where the ladies section is?

Can you tell me where can I get the skirts?


While coming back from the store/leaving the store

Did you get everything?

Are you done, Madam?

Will that be all?

That’s it. Thank you.



Asking for information


What’s it?

What are those?

What are these?

What’s that?

Where is your mother?

It’s a pencil.

Those are roses.

               These are pens.

               That’s a rabbit.

She is over there.


Future plans and arrangements


What will they do tomorrow?

They will go for a movie.

Where will you stay tonight?

I will stay with my uncle.

When will we reach home?

We will reach home by 7 pm.

How will you reach office?

I will take a bus.


English and Conversation

Different kinds of phrases and expressions are used in English. These phrases are very helpful and will help you talk fluently in English. If you learn these phrases, then you can become very confident and fluent in English. You can learn these phrases with the help of online classes. The online English classes are conducted by experienced tutors who will help you learn very quickly and in short span of time. These classes will help you improve your speaking skills and will teach you many new phrases, expressions which can be used in your daily conversation.


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