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Why good English is important for a career in SEO


India is undergoing a digital revolution. The country has embarked on the ‘Digital India’ movement that has been officially promoted by the Indian government. It is therefore not surprising to see a jump in career opportunities in the field of digital marketing, especially search engine marketing (SEM). This field attracts a lot of freshers and young job aspirants. Having good English skills will enable a person to take advantage of the growing opportunities in this field. 




The reason why English is important for success in search engine marketing is quite obvious. Most businesses have their websites in the English language. A vast majority of them are trying to reach their target audience through visibility in Google searches in English or through ads served through Google Adwords. Basically, most of the search engine optimisation (SEO) work is done in English and the Adwords campaigns are also done in English.  So, you can well imagine that if your command of English is not very good, it can limit your career development.


Let’s drill down a bit further into all the areas where your English proficiency will be vital. An important part of SEO is being able to understand the website content and ‘optimise’ it. This requires the ability to use appropriate keywords at the right places without negatively impacting the readability and quality of the content.




Similarly, a SEO professional will be expected to write page titles and meta descriptions for pages. This task is not only about inserting a given set of keywords but also ensuring that the titles and descriptions shouldn’t read silly or grammatically incorrect. Note that these are some of the basic tasks in the field of SEO; so, you can gauge how important it is to know English well and be able to use it correctly.


Many SEO executives join the industry and start with something called “off-page optimisation”. This is where they approach other webmasters soliciting links back to the website they are optimising. These executives also promote their website on other websites by posting comments or submitting their listings with basic information. 





While many people do this mechanically by just copying and pasting information, a SEO executive, who wants to progress beyond doing things mechanically, has to find new ways of reaching out to webmasters and “selling” the idea of linking back to his/her website. This cannot be achieved without the ability to communicate in English, clearly and correctly.


As the executive gains experience, he/she will be expected to have face-to-face or telephonic meetings with clients to explain the progress of the engagement. They will also be expected to submit reports with analysis of available metrics and explain them during these meetings.  The ability to effectively deal with clients (‘client servicing’) is an important skill, one which is essential to help move the executive up the career path. In this kind of role, spoken English skills are not only beneficial, but they also become imperative.


SEO is a dynamic field that requires one to be continuously learning and updating one’s knowledge and skills, just to keep up with the progress. This dynamic nature also makes it extremely interesting and a career worth pursuing. But along with the technical skills that you acquire, don’t forget to work on improving your English communication skills (both verbal and written) regularly.  That will ensure an upward trajectory to your SEO career!




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