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What are the layers found in Uterus?


Layers of Uterus

organ2The uterus is the major female reproductive organ of humans. The mechanical protection, nutritional support and waste removal for the developing embryo and fetus were provided by uterus only. 

Up to 8th week it is called as embryo and from 9th week to child birth it is called as fetus. Timely contraction of the uterus wall which is made up of muscles is very important at the time of birth.


Suspensory ligaments

There are three suspensory ligaments present in the uterus. These ligaments help to stabilize the uterus position and limits uterus range of movement.

  • Uterosacral ligaments:  keep the body from moving inferiorly and anteriorly.
  • Round ligaments: Restrict posterior movement of the uterus.
  • Cardinal ligaments: Prevent the inferior movement of the uterus.

Function of Uterus:

The uterus is a pear-shaped muscular organ. It accepts a fertilized ovum and implanted into the endometrium. It receives the nourishment from blood vessels for development. The fertilized ovum turns into an embryo and then develops into a fetus and gestates until childbirth. If there is no fertilization occurs during that period, the egg does not embed in the wall of the uterus, and flushed away from uterus through the menstrual cycle.

Uterine Layers

The Uterine layers, from innermost to outermost, are as follows:



  • It is the lining of the uterine cavity.
  • It consists of the functional endometrium and the basal endometrium
  • Damage to the basal endometrium results with the disease fibrosis.
  • It builds a lining periodically which is shed or reabsorbed if no pregnancy occurs.
  • Shedding of the functional endometrial lining is responsible for menstrual bleeding



  • It is also called as smooth muscle.
  • Functional Zone is the innermost layer of myometrium.



The loose surrounding tissue is called the "perimetrium."


The uterus is surrounded by "peritoneum."

  1. fallopian tube,
  2. bladder,
  3. pubic bone,
  4. g-spot,
  5. clitoris,
  6. urethra,
  7. vagina,
  8. ovary,
  9. sigmoid colon,
  10. uterus,
  11. fornix,
  12. cervix,
  13. rectum, 
  14. anus

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