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Secrets to learning English speaking fast


Most language learners are always looking for fastest way to learn a language. Raise your hands if you are tired of mugging up grammar rules from textbook. Most students in our class raise their hand as nobody wants to mug up the same rules again and again. Frankly speaking, when you just learn by heart the language rules, you will never be able to speak the language fluently. Today let us discuss some of the secrets to of speaking in English fast.
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Secret # 1


Yes, you heard it right. First you have to be a good listener only then can you become a fluent English speaker. Studies have proven that no amount of repetitive exercises, flashcards or grammar books can help an individual learn English, unless he is a good listener. This is how babies learn to speak as well. They listen to what is being said around them and in no time start to speak the language themselves.

Secret # 2


When you are learning English you may divide your attention between reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary development. But, remember these all are mere academics, you will never learn the language if you don’t speak it. You will make mistakes and overcome them and soon you will be speaking in fluent English. You have to study grammar to improve English, but you have to speak a language to improve its fluency. This will make you comfortable in speaking any language.

Secret # 3


Remember, as babies our mommies use to make flashcards and stick them around so that we start to learn the basic ABC. This technique is very useful even when you are learning a new language. Flashcards will help you to improve your vocabulary. Hear a new word, make a flashcard and stick it around.

Secret # 4


This is more of a common sense than a secret. Most individuals study for a few months and then stop, then again start after a gap. This start and pause technique is not good for language learning. To speak in English fluently, you need to be consistent in your efforts. Dedication and practice will help you to be a fluent speaker, but the mantra is to never give up.

Secret # 5

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- By Chander Madan

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