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Importance of effective communication skills in accounting


The corporate world is run on the strength of sound finance and accountants are the personnel who look after it. They are responsible to maintain proper records of accounts, explain complicated accounting terms and procedure to higher management, shareholders, regulatory authorities etc. They even have to submit audit reports to regulatory authorities for inspection. To get around their work responsibilities in an efficient way, fluent English speaking skills are a vital requirement. The hallmark of a good accountant is expert knowledge in his subject domain and good interpersonal skills. All this is possible if he has good English vocabulary skills.

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Things to remember for effective communication by an accountant:

1. Grammatical accuracy

While explaining accounts, strong English grammar skills are required, especially while using tenses. For example, if you wish to present the report in present tense, but use future or past either by mistake or ignorance, it can change the meaning of the report all together.


Correct: the statement of accounts is being reviewed by the account manager.
Incorrect: The statement of accounts will be reviewed by the accounts manager.

2. Read financial news

One sure fire way to improve your English is to read financial news daily. The language used in the news is professional and is a good guide for drafting memos, reports etc. You can also improve your spoken English by reading how the experts present their viewpoints, share advice etc. Consistent reading of such articles will help you overcome your fear of English and be able to give a fluent discourse in this global language. Renowned newspapers like Economic times are a good place to start.

3. Listen to financial channels

There are countless TV channels catering to the financial markets. You can either choose a local one or go for international. For beginners, go to a local network so that you won't face any accent issues. Listen to the way the anchors present the financial reports and it will improve your presentations a great deal.

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Sample Conversation:

Situation- Suresh is explaining the financial reports to his senior managers.

Suresh: So this, gentlemen, concludes my presentation. Do you have any questions?

Manager 1: This report does not specify our financial projections for the next year. Why is that?

Suresh: Sir, this report is prepared keeping in mind the current economic scenario. As of now, it is too risky to predict the future.

Manager 2: But we can surely use an analytic to give us a basic idea of what we are up against?

Suresh: Yes. I have already done that. You will find the analytic's report in your Inbox by Wednesday.

Manager 1: Good. We will revert to you in case of clarification.

Suresh: Thank you. I will email you a soft copy of today's presentation by evening.


The above sample conversation and tips will give you a general overview of the English used in accounting. If you are a novice beginner, you can use this as a guide to improve your professional English speaking skills. You can improve your spoken English with the help of an online English teacher.

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- By Shailja Varma

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