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How to explain your strengths, weakness, attitude, and skill sets?


You are sitting in an interview at Philips Electronics. The process is going on well and you are confident that you will crack this one soon. Suddenly, one of the interview panelists asks about your strengths and weakness. You consider yourself as a multi-tasker and want to shoot all your strengths at once. However, hold on, that is not the correct way. Read on to explain how to find your strengths, weakness along with attitude and skill sets.




Factors to keep in mind while explaoning your strengths and weaknesses in an interview

1. Strengths

Every individual has a unique set of strengths and is eager to let the world know about it. However, the interviewer is not interested in knowing all of your strengths. You just need to state your strengths, which are relevant to your job profile. Even so, you need to say your top two or 3 strengths only. Saying anything else will simply be a waste of time.


2. Weakness

Every human being has a weakness. When the interviewer asks you about your weakness, he just wants to know whether your weakness will be an impediment for the job profile. He does not intend to embarrass you. So, don't say that you have no weakness. Instead, use your English vocabulary skills to phrase your weakness is such a manner that the interviewer will be confident that it will not be a problem.


3. Attitudes

Every logical person has a set of attitudes and beliefs, which defines his personality. The interviewer, by asking you about your attitudes, wants to know whether you have any extreme views, which can be detrimental to team working. Be sure to moderate your opinions and views.


4. Skills sets

You have every skill set in the world, but ensure that you only speak of those skills needed for the job. Anything apart from it can sound boastful and egoistic. You should also back your skills with credible proofs. In case you are a fresher, you can list out your educational experiences.




Sample Conversation in an interview 


Situation: You are sitting in front of ABC Electronics interview panel for a sales job interview.


Interviewer: "So, Mr. Vishal, your CV is very impressive indeed. Can you tell me what your strengths are?


You: "Yes Sir, My strengths include an absolute focus for any work undertaken and ensuring that it gets completed within the deadline. My result-oriented approach enables me to

achieve consistent satisfactory results."


Interviewer: "Good. What about your weakness?"


You: "Sometimes, dedicated work makes me unorganized and stressed. However, I have identified this weakness and have started taking diligent notes and practicing meditation as a daily part of my life."


Interviewer: "Okay, tell me, what do you think about the politics of our country?"


You: "The politics of our country is in a very bad shape. However, I am optimistic about the future and am in no doubt that our country's politicians will take good care of our country."


Interviewer: "Are you comfortable working in a team?"


You: "Yes Sir, teamwork is very important and absolutely critical for an organization's success."


Interviewer: "Good, so tell me what skill sets you can bring to our company?"


You: "My effective communication and presentation skills will enable us as a team to rightly connect with the company's target audience and fulfill their expectations to the best extent."




The above sample demonstrates why knowing fluent English is important. Convert your English speaking skills into tangible result with the help of an online English guide and see your career soar to great height.


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- By Monika Agarwal


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