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How to Communicate as a Customer Care Executive?


hw_com_cus_exec_img_1Role of Customer Care Executive:

Customer care executives are people who serve the customers. They are responsible to take care of the needs of the customers. Customer care executives are required to answer to the questions of the customers and help them solve their problem. They play a very important role as they can make a customer happy and satisfied. On the other hand, they are the persons who are held responsible if the customers are found to be dissatisfied with the service. Customer care executive are found mostly in different service industries like restaurants, hotels and travel and tourism industries.

Importance of Communication in Customer Care:

hw_com_cus_exec_img_2Communication as a Customer Care Executive

You should possess excellent communication skills if you aspire to become a customer care executive. Customer care executive are trained on how to speak to the customers. You should be very positive minded and always talk to the customers with a big smile on your face. All the customers are not the same. Some customers are really easy to handle while some are really troublesome. As a customer care executive you need to keep yourself calm and cool while handling such customers. Another vital thing is that customer care executives are required to speak in English very fluently. So if you aim to become a customer care executive, your English speaking skills needs to be outstanding. But if you are unable to speak fluently, you may annoy and disappoint a customer.



How to Communicate as a Customer Care Executive:

Tips to Improve Communication

Some tips to improve your communication skills as a customer care executive are mentioned below:

  1. If you wish to provide good customer care, you should be very fluent in communication. It is a key to success in the field of customer care. Some other important elements like effective listening, and responding with empathy are considered equally important.
  2. People who are good at communication first listen and then speak. As a customer care executive it is very important for you to listen first what the customer is saying. While talking to a customer, let the customer speak first. Look into the eyes of the customer and be very attentive. If the customer has something to say but he is not able to express himself, help the customer by asking questions. Asking questions help the person to speak clearly and make you understand what he wants to say. Never criticize or judge the way a customer speaks. You should remember that it is important for you to know what the customer has to say not the way he speaks.
  3. One of the good ways to respond to customer’s query is by paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is repeating the same thing that the customer has said but in your own words. In this way you can ensure whether you understood the customer correctly or not. For example you can say: “What I understood is that the air conditioner that you bought from our shop has stopped working? Is that correct, Sir?
  4. In written communication, you need to be more careful since there is no face to face interaction in it. Do not use any controversial and negative statement while writing a mail to a customer.
  5. While responding to the queries of the customer, try to respond with empathy. Responding with empathy means trying to imagine yourself in the customer’s position. It would help you to understand his position better.


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