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How did you decide on a subject for higher studies?


In education sector today, there are various streams for students to study. These include Science, Commerce, Arts, Management, Marketing, Human Resources and Finance and so on. With the plethora of subjects to focus on, students are confused as to which stream to follow. Most often, they follow the advice of their parents and seniors. If you have younger siblings, relatives and friends, it is your responsibility to guide them on the right path. English is the language which is followed by higher courses in India. You should utilize your English speaking skills to guide aspiring students so that along with career choices, they understand the value of English language.

Higher Studies

Factors for a good subject choice


Every individual is unique and have own goals. Life and career goals are an important indicator for subject choices. While guiding youngsters, focus should be given on their goals so that they themselves will be in a better position for taking decisions.


Before taking any study-related decision, proper research into the pros and cons of the course should be undertaken. A research helps us to understand the subject details, peer reviews and the materials available.


Experienced seniors know the nuances of their chosen subjects. More often than not, individuals lack direction and end up making assumptions. Use your experience to guide aspiring candidates by giving them a complete overview of industry and related subjects.


Sample Conversation

Gracy, Robin's niece has just completed her bachelors and planning to take up Management. But she is unable to decide whether to choose marketing or human resources. She visits him, a Masters post graduate, for guidance.

Gracy : Hey Robin, How are you?

Robin: Gracy!! What a surprise!! I am great. What about you?

Gracy : I am fine, but facing a dilemma

Robin: Dilemma?? Why? Any problems?

Gracy: Yes. As you know, I graduated last month. Now, I wish to pursue Masters.

Robin: That's really great!! So, what's the problem?

Gracy : The problem is that I am not able to decide which stream to go for. I have narrowed down my choices to 2 which are marketing and human resources. I was hoping you being an MBA could guide me with your experience.

Robin: Certainly Gracy, it will be my pleasure. Do you have any career goals?

Gracy: I don't have a definite one, but my ultimate aim to have job satisfaction along with good remuneration.

Robin: It is important to have definite goals. I suggest you sit down and write what you wish to achieve in your career, life etc. It will help you to get a clear perspective. Do you like to travel?

Gracy : To be frank, I am not comfortable to travelling, but I do like communicating with people.

Robin: In that case, I suggest you to take up Human Resources. Marketing involves lot of travelling which you may not be comfortable with. Human Resources offer you opportunities to communicate with employees, manage their queries and issues. This will give you job satisfaction. The pay is quite good too and you can even take up consulting. You should ensure that you speak English well for career growth.

Gracy: Thanks Robin, you have made my choice easy.

Robin: No problem, but remember that doing your own research is very important. You will be confident about your decision. Take advice from different sources, but ultimately it's your life and choice.

Gracy: Sure Robin, will do that. Thanks again for your valuable advice.

Robin: No problem Gracy. All the best and let me know if you need any more help from me.

Decide on a Subject for Higher studies

The above sample conversation highlights the importance of goals, research, experience and active listening to give good advice. Young students look upon their seniors to guide them. Make sure you don't disappoint by lacking in English conversation skills. Practice English conversation with an online English tutor or a friend for communicating fluently and confidently.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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