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10 must know phrases to sound fluent in ENGLISH


To speak fluent English is not as difficult as you might think. If you observe intently the native English speakers and the way they express through words, you are half way there. To improve your command of the English language, you need to improve your vocabulary. Today, we will look at popular English phrases that will help you sound like a native speaker.

popular phrases

Must know phrases

You are an English learner who has put all his heart into learning the language. You know the grammar rules, and you have developed a good vocabulary. In fact, you even have certificates that states you are proficient in English, but still you fail to sound fluent in the real world. This is because textbook learning is very different from the real world, especially, when it comes to language learning. Learning English idioms and expressions can help you speak fluent English at all times. Let us look at commonly used English phrases to sound fluent in conversation. These phrases will also help you initiate small talks.

1. You rock – you were great at some job
2. Go the extra mile – to make an effort to get something done or to try very hard to achieve a goal

3. I’ve heard so much about you – best phrase to use in the corporate world on meeting somebody.
4. Stick to your guns – to stick to your decision or to not compromise
5. Leave no stone unturned – to do everything possible to achieve a goal
6. Pull yourself together – to stay calm and behave normally
7. Cut a slack – to not be too harsh on somebody or to give a person a break
8. Once in a blue moon – a thing that happens rarely
9. Hang in there –to continue despite difficulties
10. Sit on the fence – to not take sides and behave in a neutral manner


These phrases may sound very regular but when used correctly may make a sea of  difference in your communication. Therefore, the next time you hear a native speaker use a phrase, such as, don’t freak out, you might say – Hang in there buddy, I am not angry. Cool, isn’t it? You can join our online spoken English class and learn to speak like a native English speaker. You can learn English anytime and anywhere by joining our spoken English program.

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- By Shailja Varma

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