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Phrasal Verbs with Get


A phrasal verb is a combination of a verb and a preposition, a verb and an adverb, or a combination of both. These combined verbs generally make a new meaning, which is different from the original verb. Phrasal verbs are confusing as well as funny at times.However their usage adds to your presentation skills Today, let’s learn phrasal verbs with get.

7 Phrasal Verbs with Get


1. Get along / Get on with

Meaning - to have a friendly relationship with someone.

- Even though there are nine of them sharing the house, they all get on well with each other.
- She doesn't get along well with her mother-in-law.

2. Get away

There are three meanings for the phrase get away.

a. to go away from someone or something

- Get away from that pizza!
- Since the time he has bought a new phone, Nishant has not been able to get away from the phone the whole day.

b. to escape from someone who is chasing you.

- They tried to get away from the police but somehow they were caught.

c. to have a holiday.

- We are planning a get away for a couple of days during New Year.

3. Get rid of (something)

Meaning - remove/throw away something

- Why don’t you get rid of that phone?
- Please get rid of those old shoes.

4. Get over

There are two meanings for the phrase get over.

a. to recover from something or return to your usual state of health or happiness.

- Finally you got over her.
- It took her a long time to get over their divorce.

b. to overcome or deal with or gain control of something.

- She can't get over her boldness.

5. Get at

There are two meanings for the phrase get at.

a. to reach, to access  something.

- The box is too high for me to get at.

b. to suggest something indirectly.

- What are you getting at?

6. Get down to

There are three meanings of the phrase get down to.

a. to reach the point of dealing with something.

- It’s high time now, let's get down to business

b. to begin to work on something seriously.

- It's time I got down to studies as my exams are near.

c. to finally start doing something, after you have been avoiding it or after something has prevented you from doing it.

- Once your exams are over , we will get down to painting the house.

7. Get up to

Meaning – do

-Generally children are always getting up to do some mischiefs.

You will understand these phrasal verbs when you understand their meaning and use them appropriately. You can join a spoken English course to help clear your basic concepts of English and grammar.

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- By Shailja Varma

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