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How to deal with an adolescent in school?


Adolescence is an important transitional phase in the life of a child. Adolescent kids are entering the teenage years, one of the most exciting periods of their life. The experiences which they undergo have an impact for the rest of their lives. You, as a teacher, should strive to be a good role model for them. They are full of zest, adventurous and can be sometimes difficult to manage. You need to be careful on how you deal with their transgressions. Be too harsh and you will create a rebel, too soft and they will ignore your instructions. You need to use an English language that is a mixture of sternness and compassion while dealing with adolescents.

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Things to remember when dealing with adolescents in school:

1. Empathize with them

Adolescent teenagers go through a lot of things at the same time. They are on the roads to become more independent and mature. They tend to be of a rebellious attitude with little idea of the consequences.  Be an active listener and listen to their problems calmly.

2. Guide them

They tend to get attracted to bad vices like smoking, drugs, drinking, etc. Most of it is due to a peer pressure. Teach them the bad effects of such habits and guide them towards the right path. Counsel them about the benefits of motivation and hard work. Inform them about the consequences of associating with the bad groups, etc. Use your English conversational skills in an informal way to advise them about life.

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Sample Conversation about dealing with adolescents:

Situation:- Raj is a student in your class who is flunking every test, is rebellious and is known to smoke. You call him to your office.

You: Come in Raj. Have a seat.

Raj: Am I in some trouble? I did not do anything wrong.

You: I know you did not, Raj. I just wanted to talk with you for a while.

Raj: Okay.

You: So how are you? How's life and your studies?

Raj: Life is boring, and studies are okay.

You: Are you sure? You seem to be flunking lots of weekly tests.

Raj: Yeah. That's because studies are very boring for me.

You: I can understand. You are going through a phase where everything seems to be boring and you want excitement right?

Raj: Yeah. You are right!

You: Then study.

Raj: What? How will that help me?

You: If you study now, the rest of your life will be exciting. If you goof around now, the rest of your life will be boring. The choice is yours.

Raj: Okay. I will take the first option.

You: Good. By the way, I have written a very nice obituary for you.

Raj: Obituary? Why?

You: The way you are smoking, it does not seem like you will cross 20 years of age.

Raj: But my friends say that I look cool when I smoke.

You: Your friends may say lots of things. It's up to you to make an informed choice. Did you know that smoking causes cancer? Look at you, you are a walking zombie. Wake up before it's too late. Take a stand apart from the crowd.

Raj: I have never looked it that way. Thanks a lot, professor. I will try to remember your words.

impact in their lives

The above sample conversation shows how to deal with adolescent kids in school. Improve your spoken English to make an impact with the help of an online English teacher.

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- By Shailja Varma

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