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How to effectively communicate as a retail sales rep?


You have just got your first job as a retail sales rep and are pretty excited about the job profile. You want to impress your management, customers and want your first day to go as smoothly as possible. So how would you go about your job role? You can use your English communication skills as your main strength in establishing your superior communication skills, which will allow you to stand apart from the competition.

Main parts of retail sales communication:

1. Greeting on arrival

2. Greeting on the floor

3. Product explanation

4. Product Demo

5. Ushering out

Now lets get into the details of the above 5 main points along with sample conversations.

1. Greeting on arrival

A cheerful greeting at the arrival uplifts the mood of a potential customer. When he sees that the employees are cheerful and happy, he will automatically think positively about the store. You can even compliment on a customers’ style.


1. “Good Morning and welcome to Wal-Mart.”

2. “Welcome to Reliance, That’s a nice hat which you are wearing”

2. Greeting on the floor

You can approach customers on the floor of the store. Customers like assistants who are proactive and are eager to help. Don’t just wait for the customers to approach you.


1. “Hello, I see that you are unsure about your choices, do you need any assistance?”

2. “May I help you?”

3. Product explanation

If you are able to effectively explain your product in fluent English, you can convert a prospective customer into a confirmed sale. Customers need to be explained in their own layman terms. Take care not to use high technological terms or it will drive your shoppers away. Explain the product details, benefits, features etc. in proper English. Your vocabulary skills will help you to explain the products in the right manner according to the situation.

4. Product Demo

A product demo is just like a presentation. Your English presentation skills should be up to the mark and confident. Entertain the customer’s queries and doubts fully so that they may be inclined to purchase your product.

Example: “We are proud to present before you the Xbox 360”

5. Ushering Out

After the customer makes the purchase, he should be treated with respect and gently ushered out. You can make the customer feel valued by your courteous parting words. The outgoing greetings should be changed and adapted according to the situation.


1. “Thank you for visiting the Reliance Store, hope you enjoy our products”

2. “Thank you for visiting, have a great evening”.

The above 5 points will help you to be an effective communicator as a retail sales representative. Incorporate it along with your English speaking skills in your daily work routine and see your sales skyrocket. For further improvements, you can also take the help of Online English classes.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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