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How to make the most of networking events for career growth


Man is a social animal. We cannot survive in isolation. Also, we all crave for love and attention, no denying that. We are constantly expanding our social network. Be it personal or professional life, networking is of utmost importance to us: Social networking, for getting love and affection, and professional networking for career enhancement.




In this competitive world, we cannot lounge around waiting for opportunities to knock at our door. We need to be constantly on our toes, looking out for various means of getting recognition.





Networking events are a great way of building relationships and they play a pivotal role in our career growth. Whether we want to start our business or climb up the career ladder or build lifelong relationships, networking is a valuable tool. Hence it becomes imperative to make the best possible use of such events. Here are a few ways in which you can create the best impression at such events.





  1. Be well-prepared - Get all the information about the event, like who all are going to attend the event, what is the main idea of the event etc.
  2. Be punctual – Nothing attracts people better than punctuality. Personally speaking, people have immense respect for those who are on time.
  3. Dress appropriately – Your attire speaks a lot about you. Hence dress in an appropriate manner and also ensure that you do not commit any faux pas. Dress for the occasion.
  4. Have a pleasing countenance – People who have a very pleasant appearance attract others towards them without any difficulty. Hence, don’t put up a serious face, let there be a smile on your face.
  5. Be shrewd – once you are at a networking event, identify the people who are important for you and remain focussed on them and spend your time judiciously.
  6. Shun your inhibitions- Starting a conversation with a complete stranger would seem to be embarrassing and awkward but you need to do it. You have to initiate the conversation and people will admire you for your boldness. Your command over English will provide you with the confidence needed.
  7. Make small talk – Start your conversation with some general and light-hearted talk. Let the conversation not drift into controversial or political topics. Such diversions will have negative impact. Always ask intelligent questions.
  8. Watch your language – English helps you to communicate effectively with everyone, especially at business networking events. Proper pronunciation will create a favourable impression. It definitely pays if you  continuously work on developing your communication skills.
  9. Listen with interest - Give your undivided attention to the speaker, don’t be in a hurry to make your point. People always like good listeners and there’s a dearth of them these days!!
  10. Carry your business card – Most people have very limited memory. If you want people to remember and get in touch with you, provide them with your business card. If you don’t have one, at least give them your contact number.
  11. Follow up- After few days of the event, get in touch with those people whom you feel could be your potential customers, or employers, whatever the case maybe. People tend to forget and a follow up will help them revive their memory 

Follow these simple tips and be assured that these will directly or indirectly give a good boost to your career.



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-By Chander Madan


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