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How to introduce your company?


Introducing your company is a more critical and crucial aspect as compared to introducing oneself. Hence, presenting your company should make a good impression with a potential customer or client. The art of introducing your company involves shifting the focus to your client/customer by engaging their interest and creating an aura of a conversation rather than just a speech/ lecture.

Here is an article that would present you with a complete know- how of how to give the most proficient description of your company keeping the English language simple. Understand that your company profile and description should revolve around and include the below mentioned points.

Presenting to you a six-step introduction exercise in fluent English:

1. Consider your audience:

Understand whether you are about to address a group of people or speaking on a one- to- one basis. It is important for you to tailor and customize your 'pitch' accordingly. Addressing the same to a group should be different in the way you interact as compared to having a word with just one person.

2. Who are you?

Make sure to inform people who are you in the company followed by a short brief of your work profile.

3. What do you do?

Make use of simple spoken English vocabulary and make people aware of what exactly is the base of your work. Spelling it out to the audience, mention what exactly is your company. For instance – My Company is into designer garments or a textile firm. Be concise when informing about the company's basic line of work.

4. Who you help?

Describing your company should also describe what your business does for the society. In other words, state out your target audience making it easy for the person/ group in front to gauge your company's target audience.

5. The solution you provide:

Tell your listeners about the solutions your company provides and the outstanding results you have achieved up until date. This is the time where you need to state your unique point of difference and mention how your company is different from the conventional ones.

6. End your description with a question:

You could end your description with a question providing an opportunity for your audience/ listener to voice their opinion. This maintains a flow in the conversation and helps click an exchange of opinions spark between both the parties.

Having included the above- mentioned points, here are some tips to help you deliver the best of what you've got. Take a look:

1. Confidence at its best: A confident speaker is always fun and enjoyable to listen. Keep your spoken English communication skills at its best; however, make sure to speak in simple English.

2. Passion to show: If you have the passion for what you and your company do, show it. Exude the aura of being dedicated to your job and truly believing in the purpose your company exists to serve.

3. Energy level should get soaring: Energy is such a positive element, which often gets contagious as well. Being energetic throughout your talk will have your audience be attentive and alert.

It's simple to portray and describe your company in a glorious manner. Be professional and proficient yet keeping the language simple and context to the point.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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