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Rules for Business Phone Calls


In the professional world, phone calls play an important role. Since English is the global language of communication, you need to know it to communicate with your clients on phone. If you are not confident, then you will find it difficult to make a good first impression. However, telephonic conversations come with its share of interruption. Sometimes they are nerve-wracking because they are instant and you don’t get time to prepare in advance. A few rules if known in advance can help you handle any phone call with ease.

business phone calls

3 Steps to follow

1. While answering the calls

When you answer a call, always start with a greeting. Say, Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, depending upon the time followed by the company’s name. In the next step, let them know your name and ask them the purpose of the call.

For example - “Good morning, thank you for calling [company name]. This is [your name], how may I help you?”

This is the standard format that most companies follow.

2. Handling the phone conversation

Once you have answered the call, you need to get into the detail of the call. It is important to ask the caller’s name for his/ her better assistance . This lets you know their name so that you can address them by their name in the rest of the conversation. By doing so, you sound polite and it also shows a great customer service. While asking their name, you need to be polite and  formal.

phone conversation

You can ask, “May I know who is calling?” or “May I know your name?”

If you ask “What is your name?” or “Who is this?” it sounds casual and may be considered rude in a professional setting.

3. Ending the Phone Call

Before you end the call ask for caller’s contact information so that you can contact them.

You can use the following phrases:

a. What is the best way to contact you, by phone or email?
b. May I have your phone number?
c. May I have your email address?

Be careful while noting down the email id. Make the spellings/alphabets clear by using names of cities, movies, celebrities, etc.

For example, “Your email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.? T as in Transformers, A as in Apple, R as in Rat A as in Airplane at Gmail dot com?” Don’t forget to repeat the information back to the caller. By doing so you can make sure you have the correct information.

It is important for you to handle every task professionally. You could also spend some time polishing and learning English online through a handful of English learning courses made available. Doing so will help you develop and improve your spoken English communication skills and handle business calls with finesse.

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- By Chander Madan

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