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Funny food idioms you need to know (Part: 1)


Hope you enjoyed learning idioms which we have shared through our recent blogs. As you all know, idioms are very effective part of communication as it helps to create an effective impression. It indirectly showcases the knowledge of a person as a good communicator who is perhaps well read.

Couch Potato

10 More Funny Food Idioms are: -

1. Bread and Butter: the things which are basic necessities of life.

Example: These days, smart mobile phones have become bread and butter for half of the world's population.

2. To sell like hot cakes: to sell quickly or rapidly.

Example: Now-a-days, android phones are selling like hot cakes.

3. Bring home the bacon: to earn money for family.

Example: Every father feels that he is the only responsible person to bring home the bacon, even if the mother is earning one.

4. To be a butterfinger: someone who often drops things.

Example: He might have caught the ball, but he dropped it. What  butterfingers he has!

5. Butter someone up: try someone to get his/her favor and get done own work.

Example: She always used to butter-up our class teacher for getting good marks in external projects.

6. Chalk and cheese: complete opposite things.

Example: A husband-wife should understand each other well. They should not behave like chalk and cheese.

7. Cry over spilt milk: to cry on something which has already happened.

Example: Don’t cry over spilt milk Rama. There is no point, now that the results are announced.

8. A sandwich short of picnic: stupid or crazy

Example: In a local train,a lady got stuck in between because of which there was an unnecessary rush. She was really a sandwich short of picnic.

9. In the soup: to be in serious trouble.

Example: We have to discuss regarding this with Mr. Singh as he is in a soup.

10. Couch Potato: a very lazy person who uses too much of mobile and television

Example: Some kids of new generation have become couch potatoes; they even don’t go to play in holidays.

Hope the above idioms have improved your knowledge on using fun food idioms. You can browse through our other blogs related to idioms and be a fluent communicator. Join our online spoken English class to learn the right technique to use idioms and improve your spoken English skills.

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- By Shailja Varma

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