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Telephonic Interview Tips and Mistakes to Avoid


When you have a telephonic interview scheduled, you are bound to be anxious and nervous about it. After all, appearing for an interview alone is daunting enough. You have to prepare yourself way ahead of appearing for one. And when it is supposed to be over the phone, it is additionally stressful. How do you make an impression on someone without having met them face-to-face? Body language, gestures and your expressions are all important parts of communication, and sometimes they speak louder than the words you use. When doing a telephone interview, the only thing you have is your words and tone of your voice to convey what you want to say. This is why it is extremely important to be fluent in English when appearing for a telephonic interview.

For you to convey exactly what you want to, you need to know the right words and phrases to express your thoughts. And if you are someone who is new to learning spoken English, it can be nerve-wracking. But don't worry, as usual, we are here to help you. Here are some helpful tips and also mistakes that you should avoid when doing a telephonic interview.

Helpful tips for a telephonic interview 

Make sure you have a good telephone connection:

The very first and basic requirement for a telephone interview is to have a stable connection where you can hear the other person clearly and vice-versa. If using a mobile phone, take the call in a good network reception area.

Don’t be afraid to ask the person to repeat their question:

If you did not hear something clearly, do not reply simply by assuming what the other person had asked. Be confident and ask the interviewer to repeat what he/she said and then reply.

Keep a notepad handy:

The most helpful tip is definitely this one – keep a notepad handy. You will feel the need to make notes, or even jot down your thoughts while the other person is speaking. A notepad is definitely life-saver during telephonic interviews.

Mistakes to avoid

Mistakes to avoid during telephonic interview

Don’t be in a rush:

Yes, we understand that you want to make an impression, but rushing in to answer a question can backfire. When you are asked a question, take a few seconds to understand and contemplate your question, and then answer. Remember the golden rule – 'Think before you speak'.

Avoid fumbling:

This is an extension to the above mistake and you should avoid this also. You will fumble when you are not sure about what you want to say. Thinking in advance will help you avoid it. Also, the notes you make on your notepad can help you find the right words to speak.

Don’t cut in:

There is nothing ruder than cutting in when somebody is talking. Even if you need to say something important or urgent, do not cut in. If you worry that you will lose your train of thought, use a notepad to make a note.

Hopefully, these tips will help you ace your telephonic interview.

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-By Chander Madan

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