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How to Learn English by Speaking at Home?


When you decide to learn anything new, you may face many obstacles. Some of you may think you are too old to start or some may find a lack of willingness to learn. But always remember, age is just a number and if you really want to learn you will find a way out of it. When it comes to learning English, you can learn it anywhere and at any time. One way to start learning is to do it right in the comfort of your own home. Your own home is a peaceful place where you can learn the way you want to. You will actually enjoy learning at home and might discover that you could learn a great deal in the confines of your home.

Three Ways to learn English by speaking at home

You should be attentive and focused on the goal and stay positive when learning. Let us look at some tips for the beginners.

1. Play games

Playing games always add fun to your life. What you can do is to play games that require you to read or speak in English. A good example is Monopoly. The board and cards are all written in English, so you can read them loudly while you are playing. This board game will let you move around the board, buying, selling and renting out properties. The game concept is helpful for non-English speakers, as the text on the cards is a bit difficult. Therefore, when you are playing it, read the text loudly and to add fun, you can read the text with some emotion.

2. Exercise with workout videos

While you are at home and busy learning English, you can even add an activity to your list. Exercise! Yes, you can choose to exercise, as that will not only help you to keep yourself fit, but also improve your knowledge of the language. Use English workout videos that carry subtitles. When you exercise, try and read those subtitles. Once the video starts, copy the instructor’s movements and his words. So if he’s counting, you can count along with him! Not only will your body get a good workout, you will experience great English exercise too.

3. Sing karaoke

Singing karaoke is when you sing along with a song that doesn’t have the vocal track, only the background music. So, basically you are the only one singing. You can just relax while singing your favorite song in English. This will improve your speaking skills while having a good time. Before you sing karaoke, you will need to learn the lyrics and practice. Break down the song and learn the lyrics in an exciting way.


You can even host an English dinner party at home and continue practicing English speaking. However, if you want to learn advanced level you can join a Spoken English course. These courses can be taken from the comfort of your home and you will be  assured of speaking fluent English by the end of the course.

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- By Shailja Varma

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