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How to motivate a disinterested customer to buy?


It is a slow week and you really need to notch up a few sales. You have a prospective customer and are putting in your best efforts to entice him, but to no avail. He is showing signs of disinterest and is preparing to move on. You need to motivate him to stay back and consider a purchase.




3 ways to motivate a disinterested customer


1. Use enticing words

Customers can be motivated if you know the words that can catch their attention. For this, you need to be strong in your English speaking vocabulary. Use correct sales words like 'Save' & 'Limited Time Offer'. These words spur customers to at least consider making a purchase.


2. Offer additional warranties

Offer additional warranties and guarantees on your product. It can be different from your manufacturers. This will enhance the goodwill of your store and will result in more sales. In addition, it will increase your profitability. However, be sure to offer warranties only on branded and quality products, otherwise, it can be a loss to you.


3. Easy return policies

Customers need to have a value for their money. You can offer easy and hassle-free return policies for your products. This will build a trust factor for your store. Customers will recommend your product/ service to their friends, relatives and this in turn will translate into more footfalls and sales for your store and product.




Sample Conversation


Situation: You are assisting a customer in buying a vacuum cleaner and after some time he becomes disinterested in the product and is getting ready to go away.


Customer: "I am sorry but I am not interested in purchasing this vacuum cleaner."


You: "Okay, I understand Sir. I would just like you to consider the amount of time and effort you can save with the help of this cleaner."


Customer: "That's fine. But the price of Rs. 6,000 is too high."


You: "How about I offer you a discount? If you purchase it now, I will give you this product for Rs. 5,000. You save a hefty amount Rs.1,000."


Customer: "That's a nice offer. But what about the warranty?"


You: "You will get this branded product with a two year warranty."


Customer: "Wow! Two years... And in case of any defects during this period?"


You: "You don't need to be worried about the quality of this product. However, if within this period, you face any problems, you can return the product with no hassles and questions asked."


Customer: "That's really a nice deal! I will purchase this product right away. Where is the billing counter?"


You: "This way please."




The above conversation has all the three ways to motivate a customer. However, for strong convincing power, you need to know how to speak English fluently. You can improve on your English vocabulary with the help of an online English-speaking program. With a professional training, you can propel your way to better sales.


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- By Monika Agarwal


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