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What are fillers in English?


Most of the time, while talking to our friends or colleagues, we forget words while giving a response to someone. In such situations, we use fillers to continue smooth and effective communication. A filler word is an apparently meaningless word, phrase, or sound that marks a pause or hesitation in speech. Fillers are also called as ‘Discourse Makers’. Let’s learn some filler words that can be used in the communication.


Following phrases and idioms can be used as fillers.

1. Wow

This is an expression of surprise or happiness which comes out unexpectedly.

E.g. Wow! You have amazing artistic skills.

2. Actually/basically

It is used while explaining concept or fact from initial stage.

E.g. Actually, Mr. Ram is our very first client.

3. You know/you see/I know/I see

It is used for creating familiarity between the concept and the listener.

E.g. You know, they are working since last 20 years for our organization.

4. I mean/you mean

It is used to confirm the understanding of something.

E.g. You mean, the event is postponed?

5. Come on

It is used to motivate people.

E.g. Come on guys, this is the moment for which we were waiting.

6. Well/By the way

This filler indicates that the subject of discussion is going to change on a certain step.

E.g. The event was really awesome. By the way, when are our lectures starting?

7. Believe me

It is used to convince someone regarding something.

E.g. Believe me, I will complete this assignment.

8. How shall I put it?

This phrase indicates that the speaker wants to convey something but the words are becoming shorter and unorganized in his/her mind.

E.g. This concept is very challenging to put down, how shall I put it?

9. It’s on the tip of my tongue.

This is a very popular phrase used when a speaker is not able to recollect the very well-known word.

E.g. The name of that cricketer is on the tip of my tongue.

10. Now, let me think.

This phrase asks for a small gap of few seconds for a speaker to think on certain thing.

E.g. How did we allocate this activity, let me think.

Hope, the above explanation has conveyed a set of vocabulary and phrases which are used as Fillers. Use it frequently in your communication. Also, you can take help of our other related articles to polish your communication skills which will enhance your presence in this competitive world.

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