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How to request for permission from examiner?


You are writing your Physics exam at an examination center and you feel an urgent need to use the washroom. The examiner seems to be a strict, no nonsense guy. You need to use tact while asking for permission in an examination hall. The request for permission will vary depending upon the need like going to the washroom, borrowing pens, asking for extra sheets, etc. Modify your requests and dialogues accordingly with the help of your fluent English speaking skills.

Raise your request in a loud voice

Things to remember when requesting for permission from examiner :

1. Raise up your hand

Proper body language is one of the key components of effective conversation. For asking requests in an examination, you need to raise your hand to let the examiner know that you need something.  Raising hands is a polite gesture of seeking attention. An examiner needs to use his total concentration for overseeing an examination. By raising your hand, you are gently notifying him of your requirement.

2. Use clear voice

Raise your request in a loud and clear voice. If you are not audible enough, the examiner has to repeatedly ask you for your requirements. This may prove to be disturbing for other examinees. So, ensure to pass your message in an audible and concise English language in the first instance itself.

3. Be polite

Many supervisors view requests for washroom breaks with suspicion. You should take permission in a polite way and be calmly persistent if the examiner refuses. Politeness is the key to get permission from the examiner. You should learn how to make polite conversation for asking permissions.

How to request for permission

Sample dialogues for requesting permission:


A. Borrow Pens

1. 'Excuse me Sir, can I borrow a pen? My ink is dried up.'
2. 'Sir, my pen has dried up. Can I please borrow it from my friend?'
3. 'Sir, my pen has dried up and I have extras in my bag. Can I go get it?'

B. Asking for extra sheet

1. 'I need an extra sheet of answer paper.'
2. 'An extra answer sheet, please'.
3. 'One answer sheet, please'.

C. Washroom break

1. 'Excuse me, Sir; can I go to the washroom?'
2. 'I really need to use the washroom. I will be back soon.'
3.' I would like to ask for a short washroom break'.

D. Finishing the exam early

1. 'I have finished my exam, can I leave, please?'
2. 'Can I submit my answer sheet now?'
3. 'Is it possible to give my answer sheet now and leave?'

E. Separate question paper

1. 'Sir, this answer sheet is torn, I would like to request for a separate one?'
2. 'The question paper is torn and not legible; can I have a new one?'
3. 'Kindly give me a new question paper'.

examination hall

The above samples will give you an idea about what to say in different scenarios while in an examination hall. Improve your conversational skills with the help of an online English tutor and practice it daily. This will make you confident to use your English conversational skills in any situations and scenarios.

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- By Shailja Varma

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