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How to Communicate with New Friends?


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It always gives you a nice feeling when you make new friends. Sometimes it is difficult to build a rapport with an unknown person but you should know how to communicate with a new friend. If you can really communicate well then it won’t be a big task for you to make new friends. If you have many friends you can talk to them, hang out and also get help at times of need. You can make friends with people who share similar values or hobbies but it is also good to make friends with people who come from different background. You can learn a lot about their culture and lifestyle.


How to Communicate with New Friends:

Guide to making new friends

Some instructions on how to make and communicate with new friends are given below:


  1. While making new friends and communicating with them it is very important to break the ice and build rapport. While talking to an unknown person for the first time it is good to introduce yourself. Talk to him in an amicable manner. Tell that person your name, shake hands with him and start building a rapport.
  2. When you are meeting a new friend always try to call the friend by his name. This will help you to remember his name easily and also ease the communication. Calling someone by his name shows that you have interest in that person.
  3. Listen to what your friend is saying very attentively. Do not interrupt him when he says something. Let him complete first and then you can share your views or opinion. Also the more you listen to your friend, the more you will get to know him.
  4. While making friends try to ask them open ended questions. Open ended questions give ample opportunities to speak. This will help the person to speak and you will be able to know his views.
  5. Do not share your problem immediately after meeting a new friend. You might not know how your friend will feel if he comes to know about your problem. Spend some good time with him to know him better and share your problem gradually.
  6. Make good eye contact and always hold a big smile on your face while talking to friends. A good eye contact and a broad smile will show your interest towards the person.
  7. Engage yourself in small talks. You can talk to your new friends on various topics but try to keep the talks simple and light.


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