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How to convert a window-shopper to a real customer?


Shopping is a feeling that lifts one's mood almost instantly. Imagine seeing hoards of happy shoppers barging into your store and placing numerous demands for your products/ services. That would be a happy day for you. Nevertheless, there are days that see certain customers randomly walk into your store with the idea of just looking around and going through a brief window- shopping spree.


What do you do then?

Welcome him/ her with the same panache that you would depict to a real buyer or loyal customer.





It is important for you to attend the window shoppers as that would add another brick in your wall. At the same time, make sure to use well-spoken English sentences to refrain from driving them away. If you manage to tap on the right strategies and push the window-shopper in the right direction, there is a huge possibility that he/ she might just turn into an active buyer or even better a loyal customer.


Understand the insight:

Many retailers all over the globe often shun off window- shoppers. However, it is up to you to understand that these are the prospects who are actually interested in what your product/ service is. Converting these prospects into customers totally depends on how you tackle each situation and the English speaking fluency you depict at the point of discussing. Understand the insight of the situation that something has led them into your arena and try to hit the nail on the spot when you realize their area of interest.


A gentle push:

Speaking in fluent English about the product and a gentle push in the right direction can lead to the prospect to take a small step of action towards the benefit of your product or service.




For instance:


Situation: If a customer walks into your store, get into your proactive mode instantly!


Conversational Example:


Retailer: "Good Evening Ma'am, How may I assist you?"


Kim: "Good Evening, no nothing really. I am just looking at the collection you have."


Retailer: "Sure Ma'am, take your time. If you have any queries, I am available at the counter itself!"


Kim: "Well, sure. Thank you."


Situation: Kim has scouted around your store and is looking for an inflatable pillow very carefully.


Retailer: "Yes Ma'am. This is a very useful product. We have had numerous customers walking in to buy these pillows."


Kim: "They indeed seem interesting and reliable. Are they comfortable enough?"


Retailer: "Whether travelling by flight, in the car, on a bus journey or even a recreational trip by the beach; these pillows have had a flawless response and are the most demanded

product in my store at present."


Kim: "Do they have a warranty period?"


Retailer: "Yes, of course Ma'am. They come with a warranty of one year and are extremely reasonable in terms of the price."


Kim: "I would like to go in for two of them."


Retailer: "Sure Ma'am. Also, here is our visiting card. We have our website that displays all our products. You could have a look at them when time permits. Thank you for your visit

and we'll be glad to have you back shortly!"




Did you notice the smooth transformation of turning a prospect into a real customer? At first, when the customer is not interested, give her the required space to scan through your products. The moment you notice that one product has caught her attention strongly, introduce the product in well- spoken English and switch on your best game at that point. Speak with the motive of giving knowledge about the product and gradually twist your conversation into the benefits of possessing the product in question. If the customer buys your talk, the product will be sold; if not, do not lose hope. Instead, pass on your store's visiting card and let the customer decide the right time of developing into a loyal buyer.


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- By Monika Agarwal


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